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Keeping on the move is definitely a good idea!
Coconut milk, lime juice, fish sauce, minced garlic, finely chopped red birds eye chillies, salt, pepper. Proportions as you see fit. Great with everything, including the morning toast.
Good fish tweezers have engraved plates to catch the slippery bones, and an angled nose to facilitate ease of use.
It all depends what you are holding in your hands. The glove is as durable as the quality and thickness of the leather is. In my opinion the lining is always the first to go.
Not worried about temperature? Go for the unlined.
Has anyone used Henry Herbert on Savile Row? They seem to be a new operation, whose prominent selling feature, besides 'quality and tradition' is their scooter measuring and delivery service. I was wondering if any members here had used them, their prices seem extremley reasonable (slightly above WW Chan &Sons, H.K.) , and the website is snappy with a 'younger' feel to it than all the other old familiars?
Bought a beautiful silk stripe and a pair of braces. All my resolutions out the window with one pass of the credit card.
Looks great! Big score on value!
The white piping looks strange. Could you post a pic of the front please?
Quote: Originally Posted by southernstyle Do they ship to the US? Worldwide.
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