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Passer & Smith- Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour (2007) McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages; 4 edition (October 25, 2007) This is a basic primer, undergrad level, with hundreds if not thousands of references to published papers etc. If you have access to j-stor,( i'm assuming you have with your scientific background), prepare to get swamped with material. They bring out a new edition each year, supposedly to keep the info up to date, but i think...
PS, thanks for your prompt reply. PPS, I was in your premises maybe two, two and a half months ago. Great stuff on offer, lovely atmosphere, and genuinely helpful people. I was dealing with Ethan, the N.Z. guy with Tipperary roots!
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf We stock the standard size, could measure it up if you like. Also, I should add that our braces are not catgut ended, they are the Thurston nylon ended ones. Apologies for the mixup. I have measured from top of waistband (front) to top of waistband (rear), as per Thurstons instructions, and it measures a whopping 52"! I am a fairly tall chap. I don't think Thurstons' carry that length. I may have to get them to...
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Hi Annadale, right now we are stocking catgut tipped braces in black, grey and navy, sorry but no leather tipped ones. Hope that helps! Extra long?
Sorry to go off thread, do you stock leather tipped braces at all? I will be in Hong Kong on saturday.
I am making a trip to Hong Kong this saturday and I need to buy a pair of extra long leather ended braces. Does anybody know where I would start to look?
Quote: Originally Posted by Annadale http://www.google.ie/imgres?imgurl=h...ed=0CD8Q9QEwBQ I think it would be perfect for your new life in a British holiday camp. Perfect, just sayin'. JLibourel\tI am inclined to think that red or maroon blazers tend to look sort "uniform-ish"--hotel staff, that sort of thing. On the pain of repeating myself, British holiday camp children's entertainer. This is something that you will only be able to...
The first Redcoat was Norman Bradford. When Sir Billy Butlin opened his first Butlins in Skegness he realised that the his guests were not engaging with activities in the way he had envisioned, most kept to themselves, and others look bored. He asked Norman (who was engaged as an engineer constructing the camp) to take on the duty of entertaining the guests which he did with a series of ice breakers and jokes. By the end of the night the camp was buzzing and the Butlins...
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 cardinal red is a nice color ... cardinal red/mid-brown khaki pants/cordovan (shell) shoes ... white shirt with a stripe tie. do it!!! http://www.google.ie/imgres?imgurl=h...ed=0CD8Q9QEwBQ I think it would be perfect for your new life in a British holiday camp. Perfect, just sayin'.
Quote: Originally Posted by EricE. got these made a few weeks ago, and picked them up 3 days ago very nice, even though they run a little large, but nothing serious. he tried to replicate a last of my santoni bristols, but made them more elongated. STILL very good quality for money How much did they run you? I am going to be in HK in a couple of weeks, and am thinking of getting a couple of pairs made up.
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