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Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH That's racist. Still fookin' creepy!
Just ordered a pair of single strap monks in mid brown and a pair of chocolate brown suede desert boots. Pleased about the desert boots as I haven't been able to wear a pair since my late teens. In my original post I did say I was after a pair of brogues, but on checking out the quality of the punching, I was not so sure, so in the end picked the monk. I spied a set of Dainite soles and I thought my luck was in, as the rainy season is apparently about to start here, but,...
Heading to Zee's on saturday after picking up my, hopefully, finished suit from Chan's. I am having the 'cloth shoe' fitting first, then I get to pick and play with the 'French calf' leathers. Looking forward to it. I saw a pair of Dainite soles on a readily accessible shelf, and am thinking possibly of a pair of brogues for my first pair. On the other hand, a pair of wholecuts with discrete brogueing on the cap have also piqued my interest. Any helpful suggestions? Zee's...
^^^ Looks like the points on the toe caps are too long and are lifting away from the shoe itself.[SPOILER][/SPOILER]
In Ireland you can wear tweed all year round. It never gets really warm.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirWilliam I am not interested in his relatives...he has not paid in months...I do not know definitely that he is dead all I know is that he owes me money and that none one has come forward to pay his debts. It's this kind of thinking that makes me proud to be human.
Sorry, but those ties are horrid.
^^ So narrow, so SHINY. I'm surprised he doesn't have a fucking felt flower in it.
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Vintage glass, porcelain and gilt by Victoria Flemming [IMG][/IMG] These are stunning!!
Get her to send out the general invite and to wait and see who comes to her house. Don't make too big a deal about it. She is already calculating the pluses and minuses here. This is a very good lesson in loyalty and friendship for her If the majority don't turn up because they dislike her friend, she will quickly learn that close friends are more important than going with the herd. If your daughter decides to not invite her friend, she herself is joining that...
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