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Thanks for the replies, guys. Fishball, do you know where I can get 'Bar Keepers Friend' in Hong Kong? I will be down next week.
I unfortunately got some rust staining on the sleeve of my favourite striped linen shirt. I have soaked it in detergent and warm water for 48 hours, but the stain hasn't lifted. Has anybody any suggestions on how to remove an orange rust stain on a blue and white shirt? I have tried a search here, but there is no mention of rust stains.
Quote: Originally Posted by hwai333 so where do you guys recommend for a good quality shirt for under $800 hkd as I need to start to wear a tie weekly, probably need 2 whites and a light blue? or should I pay more for AC ? Bang per buck, Lee Baron Far East Mansion Middle Road Kowloon. Do some searching, son, there are a wealth of threads on Hong Kong tailor made shirts.
If it is a favourite shirt, shouldn't you be handwashing it yourself? Seems to me it is one of the risks of entrusting goods to a third party for cleaning or repair. I trust you kept the original receipt for the shirt?
Just had barbecued oysters on the half shell with chilli and garlic from a Xinjiang cafe in Guangzhou. 30 eurocents each. And fucking amazing!
Does anyone know if Peter Lee carries Donegal tweed? I'm after a three piece, Chan will be conservatively 15,000 HKD, and naturally I would prefer a lesser spend if PeterLee's quality of construction is acceptable.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH That's racist. Still fookin' creepy!
Just ordered a pair of single strap monks in mid brown and a pair of chocolate brown suede desert boots. Pleased about the desert boots as I haven't been able to wear a pair since my late teens. In my original post I did say I was after a pair of brogues, but on checking out the quality of the punching, I was not so sure, so in the end picked the monk. I spied a set of Dainite soles and I thought my luck was in, as the rainy season is apparently about to start here, but,...
Heading to Zee's on saturday after picking up my, hopefully, finished suit from Chan's. I am having the 'cloth shoe' fitting first, then I get to pick and play with the 'French calf' leathers. Looking forward to it. I saw a pair of Dainite soles on a readily accessible shelf, and am thinking possibly of a pair of brogues for my first pair. On the other hand, a pair of wholecuts with discrete brogueing on the cap have also piqued my interest. Any helpful suggestions? Zee's...
^^^ Looks like the points on the toe caps are too long and are lifting away from the shoe itself.[SPOILER][/SPOILER]
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