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Quote: Originally Posted by ryrules1 I need a little help. I've had my eye on a mens turquoise bead necklace for some time now. I cant ever find the one I want, but I came acorss the yurkman necklace I love the necklace, perfect length 20" but it just seems a bit overpriced, like most yurkman stuff. Do any of you have any alternative suggestion? In a similar style. My wife has...
Quote: Originally Posted by add911_11 I do think Kate is pretty, but certainly not 'prettiest creature in the world' like some UK newspaper trying to imply. Just because she is now 'Duchess of Cambridge', it is so silly to see certain retail items are sold out because she had wear it, those girls who blindly follow the trend should use their brain more. The prince dresses nothing special and indeed average, definitely not SF approved. In fact he...
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexE When I was there in 2010 it took one week: Day 1: Selection of fabric/style/details and taking of measurements Day 2-4: I went to Macao. Else the first fitting could have been done earlier Day 5: Basted fitting Day 6: Next fitting Day 7: Final fitting and pick-up I'd only have them one suit and one shirt made. If you need some adjustments they can optimize the paper pattern and once they have this locked-in it...
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man which one looks more baller when i sign my credit card ? Which models? Personally I prefer the one I inherited from my grandfather, silver, understated, and most importantly, no branding. Branding makes you look like a dick.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Man The problem with you types who had never really bought clothes as a child, teenager and then adult is that you have practically nothing and buying clothes is not just a normal routine which means that when you do finally decide you need to buy clothes that you have to start buying EVERYTHING at one time and can't afford it on a junior teacher's pay. @SSHOLE
Thanks for the replies, guys. Fishball, do you know where I can get 'Bar Keepers Friend' in Hong Kong? I will be down next week.
I unfortunately got some rust staining on the sleeve of my favourite striped linen shirt. I have soaked it in detergent and warm water for 48 hours, but the stain hasn't lifted. Has anybody any suggestions on how to remove an orange rust stain on a blue and white shirt? I have tried a search here, but there is no mention of rust stains.
Quote: Originally Posted by hwai333 so where do you guys recommend for a good quality shirt for under $800 hkd as I need to start to wear a tie weekly, probably need 2 whites and a light blue? or should I pay more for AC ? Bang per buck, Lee Baron Far East Mansion Middle Road Kowloon. Do some searching, son, there are a wealth of threads on Hong Kong tailor made shirts.
If it is a favourite shirt, shouldn't you be handwashing it yourself? Seems to me it is one of the risks of entrusting goods to a third party for cleaning or repair. I trust you kept the original receipt for the shirt?
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