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Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Belgium and Switzerland produce the best chocolate in the world... and also the best tennis players Well, that is an absolute crock of sh**! Belgian and Swiss chocolate have inordinately large amounts of sugar embedded in them to mask the poor quality beans used in their manufacture. It's an old restaurant trick,sweeten and add cream to coat the tongue preventing an accurate assessment of flavour! The...
The word is 'carageenan'.Carageenan, or Irish sea moss contains agar agar, fools.
[quote=Pinhas;3632007]I've never been, but know quite a lot about it, mainly due to love for Soccer and Architecture. Its one of the most unique places on earth; I will go one day. Oh dear, this is really quite sad.
It's one of the late ninety's/early noughties fruit and herb vodka based drinks erroneously labelled 'martini'. If you compare the two ingredient lists( yours and the rather rude reply you received!) you will notice that they differ quite considerably. The second posting I would assume is is an overly sweet concoction (candied ginger maceration, and vanilla syrup=overkill!) that will lack the "zing" and freshness of taste of the first. If I was to hazard a guess, the best...
The second one is just too shiny!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby I'm pretty sure you're the second person to quote this post of mine in the past hour. I don't get the attack though... is there some obvious location where I can find 36R jackets online that are decently made? If so, please let me know. I am having a very hard time finding them. Ahhh! I think I see the problem, you would be quite a small man, wouldn't you?
Recently moved to China for a year, and these are the scents I couldn't leave behind:- Kouros Yatagan Aramis Guerlain Vetiver I know that they are all heavy hitters, even in the temperate climate that covers Ireland, but here in Guangzhou, they have bloomed tenfold. I purchased a Miller Harris Citron Citron on the way over as a light refresher, but I have been using those four bad boys with reckless abandon. One thing I have noticed here, there is a distinct paucity of...
Lots of shops selling Tissot watches in the department stores in Guangzhou, including TeeMall. I would guess that the seller is genuine, believe it or not!
If you could post details of the shoemakers in mainland China, it would be a great help! I'm a British 12 1/2 F fitting and am living in Guangzhou for the next twelve months. There are no shoes suitable for me anywhere in this city. I brought two pairs of brogues with me, runners , and a pair of hikers. I should have brought more! Any advice on where to get some made would be appreciated.
Where are you getting it done in Hong Kong?
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