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Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey How about two on one sleeve, three on the other. I have a coat like this. It's badass. I get compliments all the time. Did one fall off?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Gotta love a character assassination of a veteran member by a newbie who has only been reading a month. Assassination? I don't think so. Just pointing out that his cost/benefit analysis is a little grasping. Length of time on this board has precious little to do with good behaviour. As I said, that's why the brunch and not a dinner, and I would hazard a guess that it was brunch at his boss's as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt we went through three two from their shelves and the one i took. I got my money's worth. Is that how you measure it? "I got my money's worth". Nice guest, perfect manners AND a great attitude! That's why they made it brunch, and not dinner.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo What's wrong with going down to the local supermarket, getting a 10lb Butterball, and bringing it home to cook? Because he is likely to grow breasts from eating it. Turkey tits, never a good look.
If it was going to happen, it would have happened. You have missed the boat, keep her as a springboard. Besides, she seems too busy fucking other guys, to even notice you. No-one dates a wet rag, you only use it to clean your house before another guy moves in. And by 'clean' I mean clean, and not fuck!
My, my ,my. You do seem to have a bit of a temper, Bencho. Daddy issues? Mmmmmmmm! It's the belt isn't it, triggering a bad reaction to what is now obviously a much more plausible use, than that of holding up your jim-jams. I suggest putting one end into the other and pulling, but then i didn't buy this over-designed piece of crap,you did. Work it out your self, buster!
Check out secondhand and charity shops. You might come across a decent 50's - 60's set complete with a plastic pineapple ice bucket. Oh yeah,baby.
Going to be difficult to squeeze yourself between them in the last month. You have my sympathies.
Yes ,I do drink tap water, but not now I'm living in China. I like living.
New Posts  All Forums: