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Do Paris on the way back, then you can bribe/threaten the kids with Eurodisney!
As I already said, disingenuous, also waspish.
Quote: Originally Posted by detroiter There are community college's in the UK? Thought that was an american thing? I am wondering if you are even English. Anyway, no one that was really "born rich" goes around telling people how rich they are, muchless talking about it on a message board. ..................................................... because he just wanted to be normal like everyone else. and deep down inside I'm sure thats...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrInvariant I thought that the forward fitting is already too late to adjust the shoulders... I don't think the price point is the issue since one basted fitting costs $250, so he could have said that 'If it's within your budget, let's do another fitting.' So he charges $250 dollars per fitting! Shureley shome mishtake?!? Should he not fit and refit until he gets it to your satisfaction?
Quote: Originally Posted by Politely Chocolate is more highly processed than coffee and it's not particularly simple. With chocolate, higher quality usually means more processing and less simplicity. Also, a "little sugar" is actually about 30% in 70% dark chocolate - imagine if your 12 ounce cup of coffee contained about 1/3 sugar. You are being disingenuous here. The processing for coffee and chocolate is similar, picking...
Quote: Originally Posted by jaymanjones I think you may all have misunderstood what I mean by "nightclub"... Without being too blunt, Im talking about going to an exclusive club, on a vip table, and a bill that will most likely total over £2K. And here's me attempting to be modest... God, you are a bumptious little brat, aren't you?
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Politely, none of those places you mentioned make chocolate. They're candy makers. Personally I like my chocolate the same way as I like my coffee. Dark, NO MILK, maybe a little sugar to highlight some aspects of the taste profile. Creams, praline, and ganache? For the 'palate bereft'. The higher the quality, the simpler it should be.
Tttooo blooodddy muuccchhh, wwwwhhhiiich iiisss wwwhyyy Iiii tyypppe lllikikkkkeee thhhiiisss!
Sear the outside of the beef, after seasoning with salt and pepper( leave out the powdered garlic-yuck! And it burns way too easily!) Roast in a high oven around 200 degrees C until its springy to the touch. Take it out and leave it 20 or so minutes to rest. Resting is vital! Do not worry about it cooling when you slice it nice and thin, because it will be going onto heated plates to serve. While it is resting start your sauce/gravy. I personally prefer a Bearnaise with...
Haven't tried Domori yet,never seen it in Ireland, and now I'm in China.......well, good chocolate is an impossibility!
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