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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Lee I love the Cuiron: bought it several years ago, but it was discontinued. Having a tiny bit left that I nurse, but it has lost some of its strength which is why I am hesitant to buy any "used" product. Where have you found it? I have a full bottle of this and a half bottle of the Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum. Neither have lost their strength. If anything they smell better because of their rarity! I wouldn't...
Looking at some of your previous, I can tell you are a real asset to the general gene pool:- On average, how often do you get fully blown? Daily/weekly/monthly??? Do tell? ter1413
No 'feigning' about it, you twat, righteous indignation is righteous indignation. 'Dumb cunt' is also appropriate, given the insensitivity of the OP's heading. When I come to this forum I do not expect to see supposed jokes about child abuse when discussing clothing.
I think you really need to date a classier type of guy. xxx is sh*t beer, and with one too many, he is in all likelihood going to beat you right into the 1950's.
Quote: Originally Posted by triathlete Nice fit, but your subject line's joke about pedophilia tells me that you're a dumb cunt. +2 I'm off to the moderators with this.
Most times I make it, I get a perfect shot. Some days can be harder due to humidity fluctuations, but that just needs an adjustment of grind and tamping pressure. However with Nespresso, the bar is set much lower, hence your 'consistently excellent shots'. It is like the difference between ready-to -wear and tailor made, and in this case I am the tailor and you are wearing something you bought at a discount outlet center.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril Got it. I just never thought of drinking coffee in an appliance shop. It's not really coffee,anyhow, more like the Camp Coffee that my grandfather used to drink right up to 1970's.Nothing beats a fresh roasted espresso blend through a high end machine. No true godshots with Clooney's instant coffee.
I think it's a Weasley, a R.O.N. Weasley.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey How about two on one sleeve, three on the other. I have a coat like this. It's badass. I get compliments all the time. Did one fall off?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Gotta love a character assassination of a veteran member by a newbie who has only been reading a month. Assassination? I don't think so. Just pointing out that his cost/benefit analysis is a little grasping. Length of time on this board has precious little to do with good behaviour. As I said, that's why the brunch and not a dinner, and I would hazard a guess that it was brunch at his boss's as well.
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