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If he is having attention problems, you need to stop him using television and computer games. Lego build blocks, Meccano, even building a bloody big train set with him. When imagination is fired, concentration follows. My kid had similar problems, so we as a family ditched the brain sucking box, and within weeks there was an improvement. It only works if you do it as a family, otherwise you will walk all over his sense of justice, which in kids is always black and white....
I think my wife booked this guy for our kids birthday party last summer. O'Hooley the Clown, comes in a variety of outfits, with my favourite being 'ghey leprechaun'.
Affected. It is nice that you take the time to handwrite letters, embossing the envelope is a touch too far. As for your friend who wax seals and impresses, who does he think he is, Little Lord fucking Fauntleroy? If they are mates, dump them!
Being a bit of a c*nt always helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Seriously, you have kids? Yes, I do. I would not have been so presumptuous as to write without experience. I am sorry if it appeared a little snarky, but your predicament mirrors my own childhood, which I managed to avoid repeating, when raising my own kids. I know we guys are task driven, but raising kids is more than a 'project'.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter The crying was more from the surprise that I was angry. I did talk to him and he said that the reason he cried was because he thought that getting 5 "Greats" was better than last term. He thought he only had 3 last time. So he improves by two greats , and you give out to him for asking for a Wii. Nice going Think of it like the employee that comes to you, the manager, after completing a task to demand a raise. The...
Start exercising, keep taking the meds , and try to settle into a 'normal' routine ie, getting up at the same time every day no matter how bad you are feeling. Leave the girl alone, if she cared she wouldn't threaten a barring order. Exercise, eat good food, vitamin b complex and 5000mg fish oil per day. You will notice a distinct turn around in one or two weeks. If you have a good close friend see them every day. Let them know how you are feeling. Ask them if you can...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself Here's the best advice you can ever expect to receive: DO NOT GET MARRIED. +1!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by smmea this Operation_crusader_italian_surrender.jpg
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