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I'll bet you they are outsourcing to China now. Clegg probably looked after manufacturing, and he has been bought/forced out to make more profit from foreign made goods.
How are the raw edges of the leather finished? Arethey exposed or coated in some sort of plastic glue?
Can I ask how much the suit cost?
Bit chewy, but delicious! Tiger Phoenix soup!
Looks like it is more about the selling. Advertisers are far too prominent. Is style forum going to start shilling?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thats a nice ass carpet they are on. Looks like an Savonnerie.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 3 seasons to browse through....just beautiful And the articles read well, too!
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark Wearing an exposed necklace is for people with a ghetto mentality. Sorry, can you explain to me and the other readers what, exactly, is a 'ghetto mentality'?
Am I mistaken,or is Rube Junior playing with his own 'full mast' betwixt thumb and forefinger?
Quote: Originally Posted by Peon Hello, Might be living in Ireland for 6 months or so for an internship, i've been looking around before for good choices in terms of both quality and price regarding suits. -Turkey -Spain Those countries seemed to be good alternatives, but now since i will be traveling to Cork soon, i am considering Ireland as a country to get a suit tailored. ANyone got an advice on European countries, or Experience where to get a...
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