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Cut too tight, looks like shite.
Well, it's not BackPassagio Cravatte any more. lol.
This looks like a woman's blouse made into a tie. If that is the way you swing it Count Ovlov, wear it in good health, if not taste.
Are they aged or 'vintage' Hermes? The only way to tell is by touch, to get the real feel of thirsty silk. I think you should check the reverse of the tie to see if the silk is white or not, a sure sign of the ancient process of 'inque ghettio'. Perhaps an expert can help. There is one on this forum.
Pimpernet clothes. Don't bother.
Hit the gym. Stop eating so much. Don't blame the tailor, he is working a very misshapen client.
These trousers are obviously poor quality. Choose a better manufacturer the next time.
I'll bet you they are outsourcing to China now. Clegg probably looked after manufacturing, and he has been bought/forced out to make more profit from foreign made goods.
How are the raw edges of the leather finished? Arethey exposed or coated in some sort of plastic glue?
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