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I'd sign up right away for something like this....Navy Strand would be sweet...
Thanks...my best fitting last, too. Will be watching this closely....Anyone know if the comfort insole will affect typical 5-last sizing?
What last are you guys considering for this GMTO? I may be in as well....$199 would be a steal for these....
Wow those pics make me really regret not getting these over the dark brown chili grains I got....don't get me wrong, I love the dark browns too, but these came out amazing! Makes me want to get some Strands MTO'd in this chili grain!
Those are beauties....Really think some navy suede shoes are next up for me....regretting not getting the Navy Suede MacGregors before AE stopped offering them.....
Does anyone have a listing of the current "normal leather" offerings (ie. anything not exotic, shell, etc.)? I've been wondering what colors are available for a Strand MTO other than your typical brown hues.
I've never had any creasing on the toecaps on any of my Strands (4 pairs)...I don't know if that's a "too small" or "too big" issue....maybe others can chime in.
Apologies if this is a re-post, but 6pm.com has certain AE styles on clearance at the moment: http://www.6pm.com/allen-edmonds-mens-shoes~k
Are those brown suede Strands on the bottom row, 3rd from left?
Here I am thinking that the deal was already awesome and you remind me of the $50 AMEX credit to boot (no pun intended)! Insane net price after you factor that in.......no way in hell you could ever dream of getting boots like this for that price....EVER!
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