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Definitely check in a few weeks as peppercorn suggested or check out the Merlot GMTO seconds that are on eBay now for $230ish, in case they are available in your size and you like the color...
Thanks for the update @rostov -- I was starting to think she might have forgotten me for the Oxblood GMTO.
Here are some pics...pardon the dark iPhone photos...As for sizing, I went down (from my 65-last size 8C) to a 7.5D. My right foot is ever so slightly longer than my left so there is very, very slight pinky toe pinch which seems to be going away. My left foot fits perfect without issue though. I find that lacing them up all the way to top, which keeps my foot in place while walking (as opposed to slipping forward) helps alleviate the pinky toe pinch issue.
I find the 333 last to be quite roomy in the toe box, as well as a little bit longer, compared to most of my other AEs, which are mainly 65-lasted models. The Portland is a single leather sole w/ V-Tread, which I find fairly comfy, needing little to no break-in. So far, the V-Tread has held up quite well after several wears.What kind of angles are you interested in seeing? I can try to get you some photos...Thanks.
How's this? Click for larger version...
I recently bought a pair off the ShoeBank...really liking them so far...
Damn...for $107 there should be no question!
The "Walnut" photo looks almost like Chili to me, but could also be very bad post-processing. The "Walnut Calf" appears to correctly depict AE's Walnut... A photo of my Walnut Strands:
Have any of the recent Oxblood Eagle River/County GMTO'ers received their invoice yet? I've received my Brown Grain invoice, but not the Oxblood. I just wanted to see if everyone but me got their Oxblood invoice. I don't want to bother Allison unless I think she may have forgotten that I am in both GMTO's.
Same here....now just waiting for my Oxblood invoice. Have any of you guys in the Oxblood GMTO received yours?
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