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Question for those of you who have used AE recrafting to change the sole/welt on your shoes... To what extent will AE work with you on customizing the sole of your choice? I plan on getting the $125 package + $10 sole conversion to Red Dainite, but would like to specify more specs like stitching, midsole, etc. Is it pretty much like an MTO? Thanks.
@watchidiot those are amazing! Can you share the exact specs for the sole/welt? Thinking of sending in a pair to AE recraft and requesting them...
Cordovan Shell Westchesters just came in the mail today...can't find any reasons on first inspection as to why they are "seconds," so I m very pleased about that...can't wait to hit them with the Mac Method and get these guys shining! The fit is fairly TTS...maybe ever so slightly on the wide side. Debating on whether my left foot needs a tongue pad or just needs to be broken in to avoid the heel slippage... Very pleased!
Just saw a pair of Shell Cordovan Westchesters pop up on the Shoebank website so I called CAC to snatch them up....tried to see if I could get some info on what class'd them as seconds, but unfortunately the CAC inventory is in the warehouse and no one can check, unlike the outlet shops. Hoping to finally join the exclusive Shell club with this pair......I figured that it was worth a shot, at under $300 for shells....
Bourbon Strands to welcome the crisp fall mornings to the Northeast...
FWIW, I found my experience to be similar with the Neumok--because they are unlined, I felt that they were roomier than my normal 65-last shoes. I sized down to a 7.5D from my normal 8.0C size and they fit much better.
Thanks @watchidiot -- do you think the toe box is roomier, or about the same as the 65-last?
Can anyone help me size some Grayson loafers in comparison to 65 last sizing? Do you all normally just go with the same size? I've got narrow heels and worried about heel slip with it being a loafer--wondering if i should go down half a size or width...Want to jump on a pair I spotted on the Shoebank....thanks!
Sorry--I think I did that backwards--in your case, it would be a half-size down and perhaps the same width or maybe just down a width at the same size. In my case (and for some others on the board) I can wear a 7.5D in the unlined 5-last models (i.e. Neumok) but need an 8C for the Strand and McAllister.I would try maybe an 11C or a 10.5D/E...There's a decent chance they might have those in store so maybe go for a test fit?
I've run into the same issue as you--my Strands and McAllisters fit perfect in 8C but the Park Ave and Fifth Ave were both roomy in the heel and toe box...I ended up getting another pair of Strands after returning twice for the same 8C, thinking it was a manufacturing defect on the Fifths and Parks....I'd try a width down next time (and maybe a size up)...
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