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Agreed. I hope it doesn't put the GMTO program in peril either. However, I can see them logging which leathers don't work well in certain builds and refusing certain specs in the future. The grain leathers are much softer than the normal calf from what I've experienced, so my guess is that it collapses on itself due to the large area of the boot shaft. However, its probably wrinkling that will occur with normal use anyway.
Same goes for the Brown Grain GMTO'ers....had the same convo with Allison yesterday. For the price they are offering, assuming the wrinkling is as minimal as I've seen in pictures from other participants, it has to be one of the best deals in history for MTO boots. Can't wait for mine!
Wowwww those are amazing!
Pics please!
Looking great! Could you comment on how you sized them in relation to your 5-last size if possible?
Same here....I was on the fence about these and the Oxblood Eagle Rivers and now wishing I went with these....FABULOUS specs.....Anyone wanna trade their 8Ds for my Oxblood ERs? Hehe...
Anyone gonna jump on the current custom Neumok special pricing deal of $199? Considering a Dk. Green Calf makeup, but they seem to limit widths to D, E or EEE in my size (8.0), whereas I'll need a C or maybe B since if unlined. Wonder if I could phone in an order via customer service to get the right...
Make it happen! Those makeups sound great...
Damn...those are stunning....I've got 2 incoming ER GMTOs coming in any day now and all I'll have on my mind are those beauties!
@Zzen Here you go...Portland boot in the wild:
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