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Sure, at my cost. Let me know what shipping method you would prefer. Cheers!
Hi, all. I recently left a job in which wearing a tie was an expectation, so now I have almost 100 ties for sale. They are not super-high-end Drakes or RLPL — most are Brooks, J. Crew, and other good, basic stripes, plaids, and neats to fill holes in your collection or to start with some inexpensive items. Most are $10; some are $15; nothing is over $20. I'm just trying to clear some stuff out before I donate. All are in good or better condition; most were worn only two...
Bump... $70.
Electronic gift card from Filson received when I returned an item. Believe it or not, there's just nothing I'm dying for and I could use the cash. I'll send you the exact credit as you see here. Get $10 off that 256 or 257 briefcase more or less for free! Best way to reach me is EMAIL, NOT PM: bravermanp AT gmail. Thanks!
Can't say enough good things about the products and the service at Todd Shelton. It's not a store with lots of lines, just his own, but they're awesome. http://www.toddshelton.com
ALL GONE. Thanks for playing, fellas.
Sorry that the photos didn't load originally. Here they are. Feel free to email or PM for additional images! Four nice B-squared jackets here only for closet clearing. They are all in great condition, but it's ridiculous that I don't wear these any longer and I'd like somebody else to enjoy them. I don't hang here that much, but please feel free to check my eBay feedback under the same user...
Three great bags for sale. Nothin' wrong with these — I just have too many and some must go. All are in great condition, with no rips, stains, odors, damage beyond normal wear. All are as sturdy as anything you'll find anywhere and, if I may say so, very reasonably priced. The two Red Oxx bags will go to eBay Sunday if you miss them here. Also, I'm not here that often, so feel free to check my flawless feedback (same user name) at eBay. Also, feel free to PM, but you'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek Would have been interested, but I can't purchase anything from someone who supports Palin. GLWS! LMAO. Even more so for McCain, as Palin at least seems to believe what she says. Reminds me of the old Doonesbury when Bush 41 agreed to be Reagan's VP. Reporter: "How long does it take a man to completely renounce everything he's ever stood for?" Bush 41: "About 36 hours. The paperwork's...
Width of: 3) Brooks Brothers 70/30 wool/silk; woven in Italy. $15 If ≤3.5, I'll take it Tuesday morning. Thanks.
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