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why do you want rear wheel drive over all wheel drive?
the new targa roof is pretty awesome. Much better than a convertible I think.
8% is pretty good for the first year of the new car. They weren't as flexible when the car first came out.
Nice. I looked at the Cayman S as well but it brought the car over $80k before taxes with decent options and that didn't seem right. Also, I don't think I was able to move my seat as far back as I needed. Definitely a small car. Did you say that you didn't get the chrono package? The sport plus from chrono makes the car wild.
Chicken Scratch
I spent $16 on fried chicken for myself. It made me happy.
I was joking. But they're very tiny seats that are not for sitting in.
Really? Vantage is a scrunched up 2 seater while the Virage is a long GT "4 seater" (really just a 2 seater) with a bench in the back for double leg amputees. But how can you not tell the difference?
but "whiteslashasian" isn't a weird username
This is why I don't drive recklessly often and why I don't care that much about performance.
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