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I don't agree with the unvented. Go with side vents. Plus, they can always be sewn up if you want to go ventless.
Are you talking about how the back of the heel is off the ground, showing how it's not flat?Independence Collection Shoe:Regular Collection Shoe:
I just ordered the Brown Burnished Grayson Webgem. Been wanting those in a brown color and I'm mostly limited to Allen Edmonds for loafers due to width. Question: Is it just me or is there an issue with the angle of the heel/sole on all of the Independence collection shoes? It seems off, which makes it feel like something is pushing into the middle of your foot as you take each step. The front of the heel piece seems to hit the ground first.
Lol, that's an old picture.
No, this is standard BMW consoles. In fact, that wheel on the right is a touchpad. Then it'll have a 10 inch screen up above.
You live in Italy and wear Joseph A Bank?
This brand intrigues me for a cheap, crazy shoe that you don't wear too often. I read through the thread and all the sizing comments confused me. If I wear a narrow US 11 (11B/C), what size would you recommend in the 199 last? Also, I can't imagine a painted shoe working well...
I sent Meermin an email asking if a shoe is in stock in my size and ready to ship because I've come across in the past that they don't always have an accurate inventory.... now it's the next day, no response (but did receive a response to another question send after), but now the shoes have been removed from their website
I emailed Meermin about this but didn't get a great response. Do you buy their belts at your pant waist size or one size higher?
Trying to understand and decode that listing gave me a headache. Looks like some good stuff but very poorly organized, written, and outlined.
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