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What do you mean?
Where do you guys keep your sunglasses in the car? I have nice sunglasses but never wear them because it takes too long and too much effort to get them out of the middle console and the sunglasses case. I was thinking maybe some kind of open, soft pouch in my cupholder so they don't get scratched up. Any ideas?
Anniversary sub is awesome. I missed the boat on that one. When did it end? 07?
Looks like i8 is going to be really plasticky. I guess they have to save weight somehow.
BMW has the remote unlock and lock now too, however, they recently changed it so that if you want to unlock, you have to call some number to verify. They also have a feature where you can honk your horn... haven't found much use for it other than to scare people.
It's a Porsche. You have to pay for every single option.
Why are you such a hater?
What are the bidding increments?
How do you plan for a design aspect to be modern in the moment but dated in just a few years?
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