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How do you plan for a design aspect to be modern in the moment but dated in just a few years?
Have you guys heard of the Maybach Landaulet? Craziest backseat...
That looks silly driving on regular streets.
1. I don't agree. A double vent is one thing I think you should "break the rules" on. I think it sits better and is more comfortable. Also, you can always sew them shut, but you can't go the other way (from ventless to vented).2. I don't think Grosgrain is that common and might be hard to find.3. I personally find patent shoes to look cheesy. Highly polished plain toe calf may be a better alternative if you don't like patent.
What car does Jet like?
You seem to be a big hater on everything.
I got my watch back from service. There was a $240 line item for "Winding crown, monobloc." What does that mean?
Oh man, there are too many things to say about this picture.1. You pick your friends interestingly2. I can just imagine everyone watching you guys while you take this picture3. This is worse than holding hands4. This picture reminds me of something girls would do5. Which hand are you?
Thanks for the write up!
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