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S coupe looks nice but the back is pretty bad. I also think it needs a more substantial looking steering wheel for such a big car inside and out.
Do you drive as fast as you can to work everyday?
What's with all the station wagon and hatchback love?
Wagons look silly. I'm assuming you're either a soccer mom or from europe if you have any interest in them.
I don't think it's disproportionate.While the RS5 almost looks like a hatchback from the side.
Length = elegance. The 6 was designed with looks having highest priority, which is why it's very long, very wide, and very low.
I must have missed the part where you bought the F type. It's definitely a cool looking car. Coupe or convertible? I was interested in the F type initially until I found out the coupe wouldn't be out for an extra year or so.
RS5 is far from the "most gorgeous car under 100k." Very ordinary looking.Here's another contender
I like the 4 gran coupe better than 3 series.
They already have them at the dealer? Do you go to BMW of Dallas or Plano? Or something else?
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