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This brand intrigues me for a cheap, crazy shoe that you don't wear too often. I read through the thread and all the sizing comments confused me. If I wear a narrow US 11 (11B/C), what size would you recommend in the 199 last? Also, I can't imagine a painted shoe working well...
I sent Meermin an email asking if a shoe is in stock in my size and ready to ship because I've come across in the past that they don't always have an accurate inventory.... now it's the next day, no response (but did receive a response to another question send after), but now the shoes have been removed from their website
I emailed Meermin about this but didn't get a great response. Do you buy their belts at your pant waist size or one size higher?
Trying to understand and decode that listing gave me a headache. Looks like some good stuff but very poorly organized, written, and outlined.
Is that a picture of you as your avatar?
6 series. I'm gonna take a look. However, this reminds me that I could use the door compartment as well.
Those are interesting, but I don't have handles there. I did just realize that leaving my sunglasses in the open will make it susceptible to theft too, especially since I don't have tints or anything.
What do you mean?
Where do you guys keep your sunglasses in the car? I have nice sunglasses but never wear them because it takes too long and too much effort to get them out of the middle console and the sunglasses case. I was thinking maybe some kind of open, soft pouch in my cupholder so they don't get scratched up. Any ideas?
Anniversary sub is awesome. I missed the boat on that one. When did it end? 07?
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