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My family has shipped a bunch of cars and have had 2 damaged cars. One was enclosed and another was open. The enclosed car had a deep scratch put in that was the length of the hood and the fin on the roof broken (~$1500 in damages). The other one ran through a tree and scratched the entire car (~$15000 in damages).One thing to know is that they're very shady. They try to load up as many cars as they can, so they will make up stories about why the shipment is delayed. Don't...
Yeah, and I prefer the old LEDs to the new audi LEDS. I like the R8, but the interior is pretty bad for a $100k+ car.
Brb, trading my car in for i8.
why do you want rear wheel drive over all wheel drive?
the new targa roof is pretty awesome. Much better than a convertible I think.
8% is pretty good for the first year of the new car. They weren't as flexible when the car first came out.
Nice. I looked at the Cayman S as well but it brought the car over $80k before taxes with decent options and that didn't seem right. Also, I don't think I was able to move my seat as far back as I needed. Definitely a small car. Did you say that you didn't get the chrono package? The sport plus from chrono makes the car wild.
Chicken Scratch
I spent $16 on fried chicken for myself. It made me happy.
I was joking. But they're very tiny seats that are not for sitting in.
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