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My car has the "M sport package" but isn't an M and they don't have the M in the name. Or are you suggesting it's beyond the M Sport Package and much closer to actual M but not really? Either way, I find the name kind of silly. They should just pick one.
Then why not call it the 235i?
2 series is up on bmwusa.com. The "M235i" naming convention is interesting. I understood why they did it with the 1 (the M1), but why not just name this one M2 or 235i? It's also interesting that the 2 series (also the 4) is taller than the 6 series despite being almost 20 inches shorter in overall length.
I'd say questionable quality from what I've seen at least. I like the looks of the Jags, but the 1 year old XK that I looked at already had both door handles extremely loose and falling off on the inside.
I don't like navigation being in the dash because it makes it harder for passengers to see who are helping.
2 series looks interesting. Although the millions of variants bmw has designed is a bit excessive, their realignment of series numbers should make it less confusing. Even numbers are coupes (this also explains the number change from Z3 to Z4 in addition to the 3/4 series name change), odd numbers are 4 door variants (except perhaps 1 series, which will likely be hatchback only?). Is the 1 series going to become hatchback only with the new 2 series? I don't see how both...
I thought that as well, however, it's not very comfortable when walking.
I think the problem is most of these midnight navy requests aren't really midnight navy but more of just a navy.
I don't agree with the unvented. Go with side vents. Plus, they can always be sewn up if you want to go ventless.
Are you talking about how the back of the heel is off the ground, showing how it's not flat?Independence Collection Shoe:Regular Collection Shoe:
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