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Race 3 had more interesting cars for me... M6, R8 V10, E63, F type v8S, Cayman S, etc.
Has anyone had to pay for gas on their loaners? I understand the idea because I'd be using my own gas if I wasn't in the loaner, but then my car should come back exactly where it started... What are everyone's thoughts?
Underrated and under appreciated car that you can get for about $20k off list price (new).
Lol... that's pushing it but still cool.
Doesn't matter what color you buy that car in.
Don't change the stereo...Regarding the loaner, people don't treat them nicely. Look for door dings, curb rash, wear and tear, etc.
FYI.... 428 = A5 and 435 = S5.
I don't like tints... make it's harder to see. Plus, Rich Boy's got it right in his song Throw Some Ds.
You do realize that you also didn't budge for $25 / month, so what does that make you? It seems like you expect everyone to dance around you and throw you flowers.
New Posts  All Forums: