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Do you drive as fast as you can to work everyday?
What's with all the station wagon and hatchback love?
Wagons look silly. I'm assuming you're either a soccer mom or from europe if you have any interest in them.
I don't think it's disproportionate.While the RS5 almost looks like a hatchback from the side.
Length = elegance. The 6 was designed with looks having highest priority, which is why it's very long, very wide, and very low.
I must have missed the part where you bought the F type. It's definitely a cool looking car. Coupe or convertible? I was interested in the F type initially until I found out the coupe wouldn't be out for an extra year or so.
RS5 is far from the "most gorgeous car under 100k." Very ordinary looking.Here's another contender
I like the 4 gran coupe better than 3 series.
They already have them at the dealer? Do you go to BMW of Dallas or Plano? Or something else?
Did you test it with the chrono package? Makes a big difference. The car is so small though.
New Posts  All Forums: