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Looked at this Glashutte Senator Automatic. I'm not too familiar with the brand. Thoughts? I'm not sure I like the "double bezel" it kind of has.
How did you get the warning?
I haven't been pulled over in a long time (knock on wood), maybe because I was running a laser jammer and radar detector for awhile before they became illegal in Texas. However, I was thinking what the best way to get out of a ticket is. I'm thinking about possibly stuttering really badly when talking to the cop and maybe he'll feel bad or something. Thoughts? Is that really bad?
Were you driving like a 16 year old?
why are you all feeding these guys? They're not even funny.
well this thread just got weird.
My car has the "M sport package" but isn't an M and they don't have the M in the name. Or are you suggesting it's beyond the M Sport Package and much closer to actual M but not really? Either way, I find the name kind of silly. They should just pick one.
Then why not call it the 235i?
2 series is up on bmwusa.com. The "M235i" naming convention is interesting. I understood why they did it with the 1 (the M1), but why not just name this one M2 or 235i? It's also interesting that the 2 series (also the 4) is taller than the 6 series despite being almost 20 inches shorter in overall length.
I'd say questionable quality from what I've seen at least. I like the looks of the Jags, but the 1 year old XK that I looked at already had both door handles extremely loose and falling off on the inside.
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