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If I'm spending a lot of money on an engagement ring for my girlfriend, shouldn't I get an engagement watch? Or at least a watch for the wedding? I think so... Maybe make her dad pay for it as a dowry? Thoughts?
I think I need to check out the S coupe in person. Interior looks awesome. I need to grab it and touch it to see how it goes up against Bentley, but design wise, looks very nice and like it could compete. One thing I don't like is the steering wheel though. It looks too small, C-class like.
I don't really see the resemblance other than they're both coupes...
I don't really see what you're talking about...
Audi needs an A7 coupe. I love the front of the A7 but the rear is so bad. So bad. The 6 gran coupe does the rear of a "sedan coupe" really well. Mercedes CLS does it okay. The a7 rear is just awful.
I don't know which one you're talking about, but I think the older headlights/LED look much nicer and elegant than the current model.
Don't think I would ever buy an M3/M4/M5 pre-owned... especially not from someone under the age of 40. There's a 98% chance they drove it like a maniac.
Just got back from Europe and noticed that they love their wagons. They have wagon everything. They even have wagon Jaguar XF and wagon Mercedes CLS. Wagons look silly...
GT3 you won't be able to buy. Cayman GTS no. F type no. Vantage, maybe. M5 no. M6, good option. Z06 no. Viper no. GTR no. R8, decent option. C63 no.
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