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Do you all insure your watches? If yes, replacement value or market value? And with who?
Ha, it was a joke. Would be nice though
If I'm spending a lot of money on an engagement ring for my girlfriend, shouldn't I get an engagement watch? Or at least a watch for the wedding? I think so... Maybe make her dad pay for it as a dowry? Thoughts?
I think I need to check out the S coupe in person. Interior looks awesome. I need to grab it and touch it to see how it goes up against Bentley, but design wise, looks very nice and like it could compete. One thing I don't like is the steering wheel though. It looks too small, C-class like.
I don't really see the resemblance other than they're both coupes...
I don't really see what you're talking about...
Audi needs an A7 coupe. I love the front of the A7 but the rear is so bad. So bad. The 6 gran coupe does the rear of a "sedan coupe" really well. Mercedes CLS does it okay. The a7 rear is just awful.
I don't know which one you're talking about, but I think the older headlights/LED look much nicer and elegant than the current model.
Don't think I would ever buy an M3/M4/M5 pre-owned... especially not from someone under the age of 40. There's a 98% chance they drove it like a maniac.
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