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RS5 is far from the "most gorgeous car under 100k." Very ordinary looking.Here's another contender
I like the 4 gran coupe better than 3 series.
They already have them at the dealer? Do you go to BMW of Dallas or Plano? Or something else?
Did you test it with the chrono package? Makes a big difference. The car is so small though.
Unless you track your car often, M6 easily. Better looking, much nicer interior, more rare, and better technology. The 911 will hold value better though.
The thing is though, in the US you could get a $125k M6 for close to $100k brand new at one point (I think it was 2013s when 2014s were coming out).
That's a lot of money for a 5 series after having one for a loaner car. Besides that though, what you just showed was an M6 costing 10,000 euros more with 22,000 more km on it. I'm also guessing gas mileage is more heavily weighed in Europe.
What are you looking at? The cheapest new model used M6 I see on cars.com is $90k.
I can't imagine a cop hanging out in the first sport. I don't even know where a cop could hang out on on Mockingbird; it's a fairly busy road with no shoulder. They were gunning radar/laser from the side of the road?
Where in Dallas did you get pulled over each time?
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