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I think you look at watches a bit more closely than most of us. For me, the lug style, Lange hands, movement plate, etc. aren't distinct or recognizable enough to be able to identify the brand, while I think Breguet's guilloche, hands, coined case, and numerals (on arabic dials) are quite distinct. I'm not sure I'd be able to blindly identify a new A. Lange design without it saying the company name on the dial. The lugs and hands wouldn't be enough for me to be able to...
I see there's a lot of Richard Lange love. However, its about $30k with minimal discounts, and it has a design found in many other brands. It doesn't have any distinct features that represent A Lange or that watch specifically. It's also on the more dressy side of all of these watches.
I spent some time looking at watches this weekend. Mainly Breguet, A. Lange & Sohne, and Glashutte. Here are some pics of the most notable ones. Breguet 5817B from the Marine collection. This might have ended up my favorite and I really hadn't seen it before. While it looks similar to some of the classiques, it's part of the Marine collection. Part of the reason I liked it better than some of the other Breguets was because of its thickness and weight. It felt a lot more...
Yup, definitely a risk.I really like the Speake-Marin Velsheda the more I look at it. I'm going to stop in a dealer in another city that carries it next month when in town.
Thanks, I'll look into the ones you mentioned.I realized that going with a very dressy watch might not be the best idea, but if I did, I really like the Patek Calatrava 5119 and the Richard Lange. However, I'm realizing I should go with something a little less dressy and something more unique (I think the Breguet models and the Speake-Marin do that). I've got a lot of time and not in a rush. I also have good access to see Patek, Breguet, Glashutte, Speake-Marin, and...
Not a big fan of the FP Journe look. These are interesting by Speake Marin
What's all the hoopla from everyone about enamel dials? Seems to be the first thing anyone mentions.
What other watches would you buy in price range and style? I don't like how most (almost all) Pateks look. Which Lange? Any of the more complex Lange are a lot more expensive.
Two more: Breguet 7787BR 29 Breguet 7787BR 12
hmm, I think there may be two versions. I'm trying to figure that out now.edit - I think this is the 5177BR 12 while the one you mention is the 5177BR 29... strange naming system.
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