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I was thinking... has anyone seen a watch with only one hand? The minute hand really isn't necessary unless you want to see down to the minute as you can approximate the minutes from the hour hand. Would be an interesting design.
Is white gold as soft as yellow gold? Does it scratch as easily as it does? If yes, that's a reason alone to go with steel over white gold.
Thanks. What do you mean "it's generally a stated value and you pay a premium based on the piece being insured for X amount." Does that mean that you can choose to insure for less or more? The problem is, Rolex gave me an "appraisal" for replacement value. However, my state farm insurance quote on that amount is really high and they said it's because it's over $25k and that it really skyrockets above that. Market value is less than $25k and I'd be okay with insuring it for...
Do you all insure your watches? If yes, replacement value or market value? And with who?
Ha, it was a joke. Would be nice though
If I'm spending a lot of money on an engagement ring for my girlfriend, shouldn't I get an engagement watch? Or at least a watch for the wedding? I think so... Maybe make her dad pay for it as a dowry? Thoughts?
I think I need to check out the S coupe in person. Interior looks awesome. I need to grab it and touch it to see how it goes up against Bentley, but design wise, looks very nice and like it could compete. One thing I don't like is the steering wheel though. It looks too small, C-class like.
I don't really see the resemblance other than they're both coupes...
I don't really see what you're talking about...
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