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Two more: Breguet 7787BR 29 Breguet 7787BR 12
hmm, I think there may be two versions. I'm trying to figure that out now.edit - I think this is the 5177BR 12 while the one you mention is the 5177BR 29... strange naming system.
Thoughts on Breguet Classique 5177? It looks much nicer in this photo below than in stock photos.
I'm pretty careful and I doubt it breaks that easily. Wouldn't they have revised it by now?
Opinions on the Patek 5119R (Rose Gold)? It looks really good, and I think the bezel would help mask scratches. However, 36mm is a bit small. Thoughts? Particularly in comparison to A Lange Richard Lange
I like that one the most as well I think.However, I like this Richard Lange Pour le Merite model even more (similar), but it has some complication that puts it over $100k.
Which is your favorite from this lineup? Number 1-6
This one is pretty easy to read, and you can approximate the time down to about 5 minutes. This way you're also only reading one hand and could do it faster than reading two hands.
They kinda look like air pressure gauges but I think the concept is interesting.
Are these 3 Cellini models relatively new? Hadn't seen them before but they look really nice. Opinions? I had seen previous models, but not these three http://www.rolex.com/watches.html#cellini-collection
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