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I like that, only issue is that they don't have the pique.Edit- never mind, I see they have it in custom option. Thanks, this looks like a very appealing option.
Any ideas on where to buy a tuxedo shirt? Tom Ford is about $750, which is quite steep. I'm going to check out Zegna. Here are some others I've found: Paul Stuart Eton
Are they still doing one-off custom shoes? I'm looking for a black wholecut (or similar) in a slimmer last such as Simpson. They have it in the Rain but I'm afraid it won't fit well.
While I haven't seen their MTM, Franco Ercole's custom stuff looks great. I imagine their MTM line, which I believe is around $1500, would be pretty good as well. They're located in Brooklyn.
I was about to buy since I'm contemplating a Tom Ford tuxedo for full price, but I decided the lapels look too narrow. Does anyone know what model this is? It also looks to be short and the buttonholes/cuff already in place.
Interestingly, I didn't realize there are single cuffs with links. I guess it has a slightly different look than double cuffs and has less bulk and weight from less material.
I'm afraid that going with no studs leaves a large white area in the middle where you simply have shirt. I think I'll go with studs.
I'm starting my tuxedo ensemble for my wedding. As for the tuxedo itself, I'm deciding between a black, wide peak lapel tuxedo by either Tom Ford or Franco Ercole (while Tom Ford is more than I wanted to spend, it's ready made and fits well, and doesn't require a few trips to New York). Anyway, I'm turning my attention to tuxedo shirts and I'm not sure what route to go to match the fairly aggressive style I'm looking for. Let me know your thoughts. Does it have too much...
Trying to decide on grosgrain vs satin lapel facing. What's all the hoopla about grosgrain? It sometimes looks a bit too matte to the point of being quite similar to the rest of the coat's material. Do SF love grosgrain simply because it's very different and more expensive/exclusive?
I'm looking for Chris' email address as well. I used to PM with him and have met him a couple times a few years ago, but I sent him a PM last week and he hasn't replied.
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