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Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel My family shed a considerable amount of blood fighting for America's independence from Britain. I couldn't own my guns in Britain. I could not have owned my beautiful, magnificent dogs in Britain, thanks to a lot of cowardly hysteria largely stirred up by the girlie-stripping Sun newspaper. When I was student at Oxford, some of my British friends recommended I stay in England. They thought I might be happier there....
Quote: Originally Posted by Brogue Have you been keeping up with recent events? The UK is a shadow of its former self; tabloids, yobbery, thought control, and Royal Marines who smile ear to ear while wearing plastic suits given to them by Iran's president after a week in captivity. Oh, please. The Duke of Windsor. Savile Row. Ascot. The Tower of London. William Shakespeare, John Milton and Samuel Pepys. The Victoria and Albert...
There, I've said it. Kind Regards, Chase
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC I don't get it? Thank you, SoCal. I thought I would be branded as clueless if I said the same thing. --Chase
I was channel surfing the other day, and caught a glimpse of that new children's show, "Where in the world is Mafoofan?" --Chase
I can't wait to read whatever is in the new edition. Roetzel's book, is by far, my favorite book on gentleman's clothing and manners. Kind Regards, Chase
I highly second the notion of getting a Master's Degree from a top school. I have an MBA from a good, not great, school. (Drexel University in Philadelphia.) It has helped me in my career somewhat, but I never became a consultant, which is what I hoped to do when I got the degree. --Chase
I am watching Dark Shadows on DVD (Yeah, yeah, I know--it's a guilty pleasure--I'm reliving my carefree boyhood days.) Anyway, right now I'm watching the episodes set in 1795. In one scene, a nicely brought up girl goes to her fiancee's rooms unescorted and without a proper chaperone to see her intended. Mon Dieu! In the late 18th Century, that simply wasn't done. I would think at that time, even if a couple was engaged, a gentleman could only call on his...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter what's the price point of the jewlery? We have semi-precious stones, fashion jewelry and then on-up to Bridal, which peaks at engagement rings that cost $20,000. You're correct, times are tough, globetrotter, but thank God people still get married and then go into hock to buy that once-in-a-lifetime exquisite ring to mark the event. --Chase
Hello Gentlemen, I was laid-off from my position in IT Sales in December, so I'm working as a 'Jewelry Advisor' (Okay, I'm doing sales in a Jewelry Store) to make ends meet until the economy picks up again. The dress code prescribed for me is: dark suit white or blue shirt conversative, muted necktie I'll be working six days a week. So, how many suits should I have? What color? How many shirts and neckties and shoes do ya think? I asked about...
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