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i quite like the temple of arma / arms idea. for a more azn approach- ō-yoroi means "great armor."[1] For the most part the Ō-Yoroi was a rich man's armor and not used by lower ranking samurai. (via wikipedia) intentional misspelling/made up word for the google rankings / search tō-yoroi (could be read as temple of yoroi but not explicit or apparent)
Getoutside on Queen W carries them but they only carry up to size 41.
Quote: Originally Posted by onijo84 when u guys made your order, was there any email confirmation of the purchase? I e-mailed them about a receipt or invoice. They replied: "Generally our policy is to confirm shipment of the order which most likely be in 4-5 weeks." I ordered my pair on saturday and saw the charge on my online credit card statement a few days later. Also, if anyone is wondering about the stamp or branding. Here's their...
how long did it take for you guys to get an e-mail invoice / confirmation after ordering? I made my order over phone on saturday around noon time. haven't received any confirmation yet.
Is it still possible to get a ToJ bomber with a ribbed collar similar to one aeglus posted way back.
How' s the quality on Vanishing Elephant shoes? Anyone have experience owning a pair? I'm considering the holdsworth desert boots on sale:
Just bought a pair of Rokin Roy Boots on sale. The leather is quite soft so it's very comfortable to wear. The boot is lightweight overall compared to most boots I've owned or tried on. I like how the heel is pretty low/short. I've always found boots with taller heels just don't work on me. I'm considering switching the thin laces with some leather ones.
Are you guys going to be carrying anymore Rokin Footwear this season? Specifically, I've been looking for a pair of the Roy Boots.
Need some sizing advice on a pair of Petit Standards. Should i size down 2 or 3 on petit standards? I purchased a pair of New Cures in size 26 from Context. The waist was fine aka tight and difficult to button up. I wasn't into the tapered leg so i'm sending them back for a pair of Petit Standards in the same size. I'm reading information now that the PS are looser, and I should get them in sz.25? This is my first time buying/trying on APC jeans. I'm following...
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