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For those looking for the Marked Cardigan - Nomad has it in black in all sizes. has it in navy in s, xs.
The black melange stark from tres bein shop looks a bit blue? maybe it's just the lighting.
anyone kind enough to post a fit pic of a XS stark (jaac or wonderwall) ? so far, the closet thing we've seen is a shrunken S from RKD. thanks.
I'm about the same height and weigh around 130-135 lbs. I'm trying to decide between XS and S Stark. I've worn the thin sweaters from SNS in S and they fit pretty well - no problems with length. Just curious, how much do you weigh? Thanks.
Does APC still do the butler exchange program? I have a pair of PS just about a year old, cold soaked once.
No, I don't think they cover the shipping back unless you received a mangled carcass of a boot like Qpax. I'm going to assume they'll cover the shipping when they send the new boots. I'm not too worried about the cost though because I'm sending within Canada. think they had a 20% off sale about a week ago...
Got my nubucks on monday. Never got a tracking number but I didn't follow up or call them about it. I got a pair in size 8E but unfortunately they are too big in terms of length but fine in the width. I called them today and will be exchanging them for a pair of 7EE to maintain the width. For reference, I'm a size 41 (US 8) in CP Achilles and 42 in other sneakers (Vans, New Balance). I sent them measurements and my shoe size then let them select the size. If you have...
Brand New Pair of Oliver Peoples O'Malley Sunglasses - Limited Edition Only worn inside to try on. Blonde Frame G15 polarized lenses (can be replaced with prescription clear lenses) includes Oliver Peoples case and cloth Limited Edition - Made in Japan Price: SOLD Shipping from Toronto Canada, willing to meet up. Basically these ones: you can change them to prescription clear lens: Here's a video about the Limited Edition re-release:
Quote: Originally Posted by morkra What about this jacket as a redo... even though it was a one of three (if I remember correctly) this
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