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tried on a pair of black guidi 995 in horse leather- my only hesitation right away was how shiny they looked. anyone have experience with how guidi's horse leather ages (specifically black)? can i reasonably expect a nice duller finish with use and wear? or is horse leather just inherently shiny?
Looking for a Goruck GR2 and willing to ship to Canada. Thanks.
i picked up the SI:SP stealth trench coat and modular scarf from the past season AW 11-12. It makes me feel like i'm from the bladerunner future. wish i had completed the set with an insulator piece. i can't wait for next season. the hidden pockets are the greatest / nerdiest thing ever.
cp chelsea boots
i can't wear clarks db - the crepe soles cause my feet too much pain. idk maybe i'm just finding an excuse to use my tbs coupon code.
Anyone have experience with the fit of Arc'teryx Veilance ? specifically the field jacket sv for 2011? Thinking of getting a sz. S and i'm 5'8"-9" 135 lbs.
Yeah, the nomad sale prices are enticing. I had a pair of APC ps and couldn't stand how small the ankle opening was - couldn't even pull up my socks properly. If the W+H ones are even smaller I think I'll have to pass.Everyone has been going nuts about the bomber but that parka is looking pretty good now at sale price.
What's the consensus on the selvedge denim specifically the slim fit? Trying to decide if I should pick up a pair of Naked and Famous deep indigo or the W+H denim.
anyone still waiting for an exchange from Dayton? I sent a pair back for exchange around the end of July. I called them a few times and never received an e-mail or call back to confirm. Just curious to see if anyone who sent a pair back have received new ones yet.
Just got my black melange stark for TBS. At 5'8-9" and 60 kg (130 lbs) ( or a better reference: a small in just about anything W+H, XS in anything Club Monaco ), the S stark fits me great. The entire the thing is snug especially around the wrist and forearm. The length is great and just covers my jean pockets. The black melange is probably best described as a really dark charcoal. It's been hard to tell based on all the variation in photos. I also had a chance to try on...
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