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@NickPollica I had the opportunity to meet Antonio Ciongoli of Eidos last month. A brief summary: The Man Antonio was very warm and patient with me. We spent hours talking about various things, including his line. It was quite the experience to listen to him talk about his inspirations. I stood in front of the mirror for literally hours while Antonio grabbed everything--from overcoats to shirts--for me to try on. For each piece, he kindly explained the "why" behind...
Greg, will the Merola peccary unlined gloves be restocked? Or possibly new colors?
Greg, can you tell us a little more about the two new sport coat makers? On the formality spectrum, are they more similar to the Cantarelli style or the Camoshita ones?
Two things that Greg and co. do very well: 1. Greg's vision to help his customers dress well by offering unique/difficult-to-acquire brands is worthy of praise. Unlike most other stores, including several SF affiliates, NMWA doesn't simply stock trendy items for the sake of making a quick buck; rather, every piece is carefully selected. Some examples include the Formosa suit fabrics, Inglese shirtings and styles, and Talarico umbrella color coordination (i.e., lighter...
Fit pic, please?
Is the popover longer in length than the regular shirt (the new cut that is an inch longer)?
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for your help, Fok!
How does chambray compare to linen? Suitable in hot weather (e.g., high 80s, low 90s)?
For the Rota MTO, can I change just the waist measurement on a size 46 (and keep the rest of the measurements)? I would like a 30" waist. Otherwise, I would have to take in about 3", which makes the outcome a little risky.
Any new colors for the 920L socks this season?
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