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On the pair (30/32) I just received, the hem is somewhere between 7.25-7.5" laid flat. For what it's worth, the waist is smaller than the chart indicated (about 31" opposed to 32") and the rise is just over an inch longer (9.75" vs 8.5").
What size is the leg opening on those, approximately?
Funny, all of the shirts I have from Club Monaco have really nice MOP buttons. . .
Damn, those Grenson Christians look great. I snagged a pair in black from Gilt last week, but they were way too HUGE to work for me. I was concerned that the corrected grain leather might not fair well after some wear, but I was apparently not correct.
Ask 'em for small tall sizing. No one, and I mean no one, is offering shirts for the tall slender gentleman. LEC small shirts fit me well in the chest and neck but even the mediums are too short in the arms.
Has anyone seen the Waxed Cotton Shawl Jacket in real life? It looks a bit distressed in the pics online, and the Rugby customer service did suggest that it was antiqued, but is it really? I'd prefer if the distressing happened through wear, not in the factory. But perhaps it isn't as extreme as it seems?
Or, you know, you could buy the Women's model. Pretty sure Leffot was carrying it, at least at some point.
Certain of Gap's offerings in the past have had hidden coin pockets on the left side (or both). By hidden, I mean that they are not traditional squarish shape that is distinctly centered within the main pocket, but rather run the length of the top seam of the main pockets. The Gough jean from a few years ago had this style coin pocket on both left and right sides (see here; you can make out the stitching if you look closely). The Authentic Bucklebacks from FW 2009 had...
Quote: Originally Posted by highkneez Thanks for your input. What's the general consensus on sizing? TTS? Follow LL Bean's sizing advice. Bean Boots/Maine Hunting Shoes run HUGE by design. I am a 11.5 via Brannock and I got my boots in size 10. They fit with plenty of room for thick socks. The black chromexcel Signature boots do look pretty great, though functionally they aren't worth the additional cash over the mainline versions. ...
This is a PSA for those in the Chicago area. The Oak Brook J Crew has, at this time, about 4 of the Woodland Jackets in their sale section, 2-3 in XS and one in XL. They are marked down to $99.99, which, minus the 40% off final sale, gets you in a really great jacket out the door under $65. This is a crazy good deal. I got the last medium and I would have been happy paying 3x the current price for this piece.
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