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Ha rainbows aren't good for use near water? Thats crazy, water on the leather creates the Rainbow character. I don't think I know anyone that doesn't own at least one pair of rainbows. I also know, granted they are in college, people that don't own actual shoes. They live in Rainbows rain or shine. My friends dad is a fairly well off attorney and is an impeccable dresser. I wasn't surprised to find out he reads AAAC farily regularly. And if he doesnt have his Handgrade...
Hollister is slimmer than A&F. I wear a Hollister small and it fits perfectly. A&F tees are slightly bigger. An A&F small is larger than a Hollister small but smaller than a Hollister medium. A&F sizing seems to run right between Hollister sizes so all Abercrombie stuff is just slightly bigger. Thats my experience in working for Hollister for a while now. -Jamaal
Yeah I read it in the job discription handbook and thought it was hilarious.
I thought I might throw my two cents in, considering I have a view from the inside. I work as a brand rep (I detest that they changed our job title to "model") at Hollister and have been there for almost two years now. I just graduated college and I'm now about to move and take a management position at Abercrombie & Fitch. So not only do I wear the clothes but I actively "project and protect the brand" to use their words. As much as it pains me to see poorly constructed...
Anyone in the LA area that listens to Kevin and Bean knows that white people smell like mayonnaise. This is from the unofficial Kevin and Bean blog: From the 8/24/2006 show: Quote: 7:43 - Wheel O' Racial Stereotypes: White People Smell Like...Mayonnaise? None of the boys had ever heard of this stereotype, but supposedly white people smell like mayonnaise. They called up black listener Annelle, who not only confirmed that they smell so, but they also smelled of...
Hmmm really I'm not liking any of whats being said. Thats okay I guess I'm not in a terrible rush and it gives me an excuse to relax and enjoy this freedom post-graduation pre-work. How was it working there?
Hahaha dang. Yeah I've filled out the everything already. They probably changed their applications process because now you fill out one application and can reuse it to apply to as many jobs as you need to. Is calling the HR office and trying to schedule an interview good idea, or even possible? If I can ask what do you at UCD? Any tips, suggestions, or advice would be totally appreciated.
Im gonna have to go with what Captain McAllister (Sea Captain from the Simpsons) recommends. "Not a hymn to war like our national anthem, but a sweet soothing hymn like the national anthem of Canada"
Hey guys looking for some help. I just graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in economics and I've been hunting for a job for a while. I'm kinda set on moving to Santa Barbara and getting out of Orange County for a while. So I applied for a few jobs at UCSB. The process has been dragging on and I have several open applications with them that they have been "Reviewing" for a while. The longest being a position I applied for almost two months ago. Does anyone work for a UC...
Hot damn thats a nice PoW check suit.
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