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Hello I have got great advice from this forum before so I am coming back. I have an interview in a couple days for an accounting position at a mid-size firm. I thought I was graduating after this summer and I told the company this. However some problems have come up. When I was audited on my courses they found that I have to many business courses and am missing a social science course (general education course) and that I can not graduate until this is resolved. I am...
Hey Mike just wondering if you can ship to Canada using fed ex or UPS as USPS wont ship to Canada anymore due to the strike correct? Thanks as I want to place an order for the clay chino.
if you are wanting to work in IB what purpose would actuarial qualifications help you? I knew someone studying for that once and it is extremely difficult nothing close to financial math. If its expensive and you don't want to be an actuary then no point.
Thank you guys for all your help. I will let you know how it goes. Is job searching always this stressful? Haha
Thanks guys for the advice. I also have a feeling this is an interview but should i be disappointed if it is just a friendly chat? What would be the point of just a friendly chat and not an interview. I am really pushing for a job.
Hello, I am graduating from college in a month from an accounting program and I had a connection with a partner from a small accounting firm ( around 45 people ). I sent him my resume and cover letter and then I called him a couple days later to see whats the status. I told him I am applying for a full-time position. He told me to come in to meet him in a couple weeks. Is this an interview or just a meeting to see who I am and then interview later? We have never met...
Thanks guys for all your advice. I believe I am going to try and get my CA and finish what I started. I do not have a job yet but hopefully a small firm will take me. I am planning to write the CKE anyways even if I don't have a job. Maybe having the tests done will make me more marketable.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 When you mean stock trading do you mean a career as a stockbroker? Personally, I think you should get your CA then get into investments if you can't get into law school. No, I dont think a career as a stock broker but a career as a trader by myself. I am only 22 and I have lots of time to play the market. Bad idea? I am just worried since I didn't get into big 4 there is no point of pursuing CA. And...
Hello, I am having quite a dilemma on what to do after I graduate. I live in Toronto and I am graduating from a 4-year specialist program in Accounting this May. I have average grades and some good experience working in a tax firm and as a teaching assistant for the University, marking and teaching basic accounting courses. My dilemma is I do not know what to do after I graduate. I do not like tax. I do not want to end up as a book-keeper at a small firm as I did it for...
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