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O'Connells now has these penny loafer/siped sole Quoddys. I can't decide if they are hideous or oddly alluring. Even with the (still active) coupon, they are no bargain:
From O'Connell's, I bought them a size small (closest they had in my size), and of course, they fit like they are a size small. I just want to cover my costs. These are cheaper than direct from Quoddy (and no wait!) and supposedly, the price is going up again. Yay internet groupthank! New in box with bag. Size 11E (don't seem too fit much wider than a D). Cinnamon color, fully lined, etc. Only tried on. I don't subscribe to the hypebeasting of Quoddy, but they...
So you really are an OU fan!
You're gonna rot your teeth out, Robbie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda Considering LVC is dead and gone I am going to say no. Is it? I thought that rumor was debunked.
Hmm, still no LVC online?
The only common thing I actively dislike is supermarket cake, which commonly makes an appearance in my office at least once a month. I don't really understand people not liking basic foodstuffs. Weird.
One opened in Austin recently. I'm tempted, but there are so many good local burgers, it doesn't have much of a draw for me. In this part of the country, Whataburger is probably the best readily available chain burger. A1 Thick n Heary uber alles. If I lived in Columbus, I would just grill a burger over one of the many burning couches.
Photos and measurements of shirt added.
I'm actually not sure. I bought it intending to wear it, not really caring if it fit slim or not. I'll unpin it and get measurements if you'd like.
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