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In my original post, I didn't mean to comment on feminism at all, of which I'm woefully ignorant, but rather, the thing chip-on-their-shoulder men talk about when they talk about "feminism," which is probably something very different, maybe little more than an excuse for misogyny. This is not to say that men don't have reasons to resent women, and vice versa. There are always plenty of reasons to hate everyone, of course. And this being the internet, the hate is...
^^ There isn't a self edge, although the chambray seems just as fine to me as the selvedge RRLs I had before.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Damn. And here I was, for that very reason, thinking about going into student/teacher-ing. I'm going to write J. Crew corporate and ask them when they'll start honoring AARP membership discounts. Their clientele will only continue to grow older, after all. What about your employee discount?
Both Sold. Thanks. A couple of things things that I haven't worn yet. Both NWT, although the trousers didn't have a hang tag when I bought them. PayPal preferred. Happy to combing shipping (also with my RRL thread). Prices include US Prio shipping. PM me or email me at airportlobby@yahoo.com. 1) SOLD. Flat front trousers, made in Italy. Unhemmed. Khaki color. Nice slimmish fit. Lightweight, very fine cotton. $70>>$65. Measure: Waist: 17.5" Rise: 10.25" Thigh...
Not mh size, but JR Calis are great jeans. Better quality and cut than APC New Standards. Bump for you.
I can't help by find it incredibly irksome when people, like the original poster's quoted treatise, treat "Feminisim" as a concrete force that undermines natural gender roles and authorizes misogyny. If you feel this to be happening in a relationship, why not open a dialogue in which ideas are discussed. If doctrinaire feminism is insisted upon by your adversary, then it is time to make a decision. But this idea that the way men and women interact has been sabotaged by...
I'd never seen this series before, but many of these photos are in the new Dylan video. The entire series is here: http://www.magnumphotos.com/Archive/...GBT=T&DT=Image Aside from being incredibly beautiful (and heartbreaking) photos, the kids' style are great.
The wurkin stiffs magnetic ones work well, and are under $20.
Further price drops. Some good deals here.
I think it usually only looks good on more severe-looking people (i.e., the very skinny). Also, I never wear a spread collar unless I'm also wearing a tie. Is wearing a tab collar opened acceptable? This is one of the great mysteries.
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