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Do you guys have any favorite citrusy hot weather fragrances? I'm looking for something on the greener end of the spectrum, not sure where to start.
I wear these all the time, but I bought too many of these, NWT. Retail $100. Very useful casual tie - 2" wide. $40 shipped.
A few spare Black Fleece shirts. After much experimentation, I've decided the BB3 fits me best. Prices include shipping to the USA. PM me or email me at Can't get a better made in the USA shirt for this price. $76>>>$70 shipped. 1) BB2 Oxford cloth tab collar shirt in blue. SOLD 2) BB2 Oxford cloth gray plaid, button down collar. SOLD 3) BB4 broadcloth navy/white check, button down collar. SOLD If you would like measurements, let me know;...
What happens if you just don't cut a check to DHL for customs? It's such an odd deal - when does the buyer agree to pay it? Is it implicit?
Dropped the price on the two remaining pairs. Make me an offer.
Those are going to be way too loose in 5 years (post neutron bomb). Should have sized down more.
Such lousy buys, no sense of perspective.Creatures of Comfort is having a remainders sale in NYC this weekend. Great store.Friday, Saturday, SundayMarch 23(3-8pm)March 24-25(11am-7pm)376 BROOME STREET NY NY 10013(BETWEEN MOTT & MULBERRY)
Yoox sent out another email for drops for f/w. Not sure if I see any, though. Is there a code out there? Also, anyone have any idea on the fit of Cantarelli blazers?
I've been on a sunglasses spree. I bought these over the past few months but have yet to wear them. All come with logoed cases, all but BP's come with logo cleaning cloths. $125>>>$115 shipped, each. PM me or email me at 1) Moscot Henry black on black. Even the logoing is blacked out. These were a special makeup for Studiohomme in Paris: "Studiohomme exclusive, acetate frame...
Excellent warm weather jacket; get ready for spring and summer. 50/50 cotton/linen, with a loose herringbone weave. I liked this one too much - convinced myself an R would work when I obviously needed a L. Polo I style - dual vents, two buttons, slim cut, etc. Fabric has some inconsistencies. Perfect for warm weather. Retail was $1395. Shoulders: 17.5 Chest: 21.5 Waist (top button): 20 Length without collar: 30" Sleeves: 25.25 $285>>>$265 shipped in the USA. PM me...
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