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Price drop.
Price drop on the remaining wallet.
Tempting to get one of those gray cotton flannel suits, but it's such a niche item. Not much use for a heavy cotton suit.
The "actual market price" is the price that the seller is able to command, not the price of some sale item you found once, somewhere on the internet, in limited sizes and limited styles.
I picked up this Polo blazer intending to switch out the buttons and make it a second, more casual blazer, but it's just a bit too large for me (true 40L). Really lovely details, nicer than the standard Polo blazer: Tags marked "Russel Pach and Flap model" 3 Roll 2. Double vents. 3/4 lining, with self-lining for a lightweight touch. 5% cashmere for a soft touch. Deep navy color. Relatively lightly structured. What looks to be real pick stitching around the patch...
Anyone have experience with the Haversack nautical print shirt? The measurements seem to be all over the place for the one remaining.
Picked these up from Epaulet on sale (special make ups for that store). Beautiful new, in box Yuketen shoes. Size 11.5 D. These are the "Country Ranger" style in khaki suede color. Super soft suede, leather laces, thick, soft crepe soles. Incredibly well made in the USA. Just lovely shoes. Comes with shoes bag and box. Retail is $400. Just want to recoup what I spent. I'm a size 12 and hoped I could size down a 1/2 size, but they turned out too narrow. Only...
25% off some nice Ervell at Creatures of Comfort.
One pair left of LVC washed jeans - 1944s (donut buttons, leather patch, painted arcuates, selvage, etc.). $75 shipped, each. PM me or email me at airportlobby@yahoo.com 33x34 44 LVCs - Model 44501-0038, Retail $275. $85 shipped. (second 4 photos) Waist: 16.5" Rise: 12.5" Thigh: 12" Inseam: 35" Hem: 8.55
One zip around APC wallets. Picked these up on sale to use as gifts or backups, but haven't found a use. $50 shipped, each. Retail was $135 each. Each measure 4 1/8 x 4 7/8. 1) Denim, blue leather accents, coin pocket with snap, two bill fold pockets. You can finally forget stop worrying about denim staining your wallet. 2) SOLD Green canvas with tan leather accents. No exterior logo, small exterior zipper pocket. Interior is the same as the blue model.
New Posts  All Forums: