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Big price drop.
Picked this up on Yoox recently, not sure it serves a purpose for me. New, with tags 42R RLBL peak lapel suit. Light silvery gray with pinstripes. Two buttons, dual vents. Trousers are 35, unhemmed with side pulls. $625 shipped. Shoulders: 18.75" Chest: 21.75" Length: 32" Sleeves: 25.5" Extra button, etc., included. You can also email me at airportlobby@yahoo.com.
Argh - which one of you sniped the MMM sidezips I was about to pull the trigger on? Yoox is turning into a warzone.
Yup, this. just a head's up to check your spam box.
Has anyone come across any tuxes? (there doesn't seem to be an analogue thread on MC.) gilt also sent out a 50% off coupon that can be used on p&b ($50 cap, however).
I'm not sure if I'm a BB2 or 3 - usually a standard 40L. Any ideas? I'm interested in the first suit, but suspect it may be a little small.
New in box Rachel Comey white Pimm oxfords, size 45. Fits a 12 true to size. Just don't serve a need for me. $140>>>$105 shipped in the USA. PM me or email me at airportlobby@yahoo.com.
I picked these up recently; I ordered them thinking no way they were really 45.5, had to be 45s. Wrong. Brown suede with perfs. Should work best for about a 13 or so. Very nice. $135 shipped in the USA. PM me or email me at airportlobby@yahoo.com.
If anyone wants my new MMM black GATs from the recent Yoox sale at cost, let me know (estimating $235); otherwise I'm sending them back in the next couple days. Don't need anything reminiscent of soccer. Size 45.
As the title says, I'm looking for a pair of navy cotton/linen Ervell formal pants from s/s12 in size 34. Lemme know. airportlobby@yahoo.com. These dudes: http://www.barneys.com/Patrik-Ervell-Flat-Front-Formal-Pant/501749393,default,pd.html
New Posts  All Forums: