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I'm in for 30ml of aventus (PM me if this comes about; I imagine I'll forget about this thread).
I've bought way too much stuff recently; take these off my hands, please.
Geez, all these online superstores have led to some crazy sales the past few seasons. Have to wonder if it's sustainable. If not, I hope the damage to the local shops isn't mortal by the time is washes out.
I'm pretty tempted by the N. Hoolywood suits. Does anyone have any experience with them? Is there a permanent pocket square effect going on? I've only worn their shirts in the past. Very slim fit.
Any Yoox codes knocking about? There are some stupid things I still want that I'd feel better about buying with a code. Psychologically speaking.
I've ordered tons of shirts in the past few months; I've decided I'm just going to invest in custom mades. Picked these up from Myhabit, took off the tags, tried them on, and put them in the closet, never worn. Two of the nicer, more useful Gitmans - one button down collar in crisp white poplin [White shirt is sold!], one in light gray with same-polka dots, point collar. Both medium. $85>>$80 shipped, each. PM me or email me at airportlobby@yahoo.com
I just got an email from them that one of the things I bought on the sale was sold out. Sounds like they're working through their orders.
I picked this up a couple of months ago from Barneys but haven't gotten around to using it. I have too many Filson bags serving similar purposes, although I like this bag better than the more common Filsons. Kind of bums me out to sell it, but if I haven't used it yet.... $225 shipped in the USA. PM or email me at airportlobby@yahoo.com. This is the JW Hulme Co Overnight Briefcase in their Graystone Canvas. New with tags, including the voucher for the free monogram. ...
Is studiohomme out of business? Been the site of my most frequent purchases past few seasons, hate to see it go.
New Posts  All Forums: