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Do they have a six or seven inch drop? Curious how to size them as a 40Lish.
Is there a way to get the ln-cc code without messing around with nuji?
Yeah, the contrast between Daike and McNairy in the WWM line has not reflected well on McNairy's abilities.Has anyone handled the Saddler's Union stuff on the Corner? Any good?
I have a lot of questions about McNairy's apparent popularity. I'm guessing the answers all have to do with either personality or, more likely, an excellent PR team.
Cable Car annual 30% off sale, always a good time to pick up a Filson bag.
BTC20 is listed on the homepage, but I can't get it to work.
Thanks, my dream box refilled!
Anyone have a code?
Dang, those are the first cps I've been interested in in a long time. Nice.
I picked up too many MMMs recently. Letting these go. I believe from the current season (possibly SS12?), gray GATs, size 45. Lambskin and calf split. The gray is a nice silvery/dove color. Gum soles, etc. $225 shipped in the USA. Comes with box and bags, etc. PM or email me at airportlobby@yahoo.com.
New Posts  All Forums: