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New, in box, APC Grant Chelsea Boots. Good cheap winter boots. I just didn't realize that they had a sherpa lining, which makes them unsuitable for Texas. Some shop wear. Retailed around $500. $140 shipped, USA.
I just picked up this jacket and decided it doesn't quite fit my needs. New, with tags, Ami Wool Bomber from FE16, size large. 100% wool exterior. Retailed over $600. $160 shipped in the USA. Shoulders: 18 Sleeves: 26 Chest: 22.5 Length: 28 I think it's this...
Whoa, half off Edward Greens at manoftheworld is pretty great. 10% off one-time Tres Bien code: [edit - used]
New, in box Common Projects in a very nice green suede/gum sole colorway. Extra green laces and dust bag included. Retail over $400. Made in Italy. Size 45 (12ish). $210 shipped in the USofA.
Anyone have a recommendation on a good desk or table for a workspace? I decided I really like the Eiermann 1 table: but I can't seem to find a shop that will ship it to the US for a price that doesn't put it into a better category of desks (the EDU, eg). I like how flexible and simple the E1 is.
Same question - I usually go for a 12/45, but the 11.5 is marked a 45. Any advice on whether I should go with with the 11.5/45 or the 12/46?
New, SNS Herning Stark, size large, in the gray "Zone" color. Picked up recently on sale, realized I'll probably never/rarely use it, living down south. $180 shipped in the USA. Shoulders: 18" Chest: 20.5" Length: 26" Sleeves: 26"
25% off Yoox code: 4XF16J15
It fits fairly large. I guess it's meant to be loose. I'm usually a 6 in SS shirts. I'm a 40L, 16/35, and decided that this was too big for me. (The person who gifted it to me thought it worked for me, fwiw.)
This was gifted to me in size 6, but I need a size smaller, just looking to sell it to buy the right size. Current season, boxy fit, lovely fabric, 60% wool, 25% mohair, and 15% nylon in grey melange. Pockets, made in Belgium. $190 shipped in the USA. If anyone would like to trade for a 5, that would be even better. Photo taken from the Cruvoir website but mine is new and unworn. Retail $465 and worth...
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