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Gorgeous shoes. Wish they were my size.
$150 each.
All offers will be considered.
Pics added.
Both have been worn about 20 times and soaked once. Waist on the xx-005s measure 31" and 31.5" on the xx-007s. I bought them off ebay and the thighs are way too tight. Fades have come in, but lots of color left. Will post pics when I get home. Also open to trades. 3/26/15: Pics added. 3/31/15: Should clarify...looking for $160 for each pair, not for both. Free shipping (US only).
Anyone looking to sell? Thanks.
Do you have any pics that show the fades better? Thanks.
What's the inseam?
I'm interested in the Low Straights as well if you haven't sold them yet. Thanks.
What does the waist measure after the soak?
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