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agreed. One thing ive found is you can never have enough light blue shirts in different shades of light blue.
the truth has been spoken here.
ive been posting on SF for 6 solid years, and youre JUST NOW realizing this?
agreed 100%. i have no problem wearing flannel trews year round. and it gets hot and humid as hell here in the souff.
yeah! its really close to me... we try to drop out whenever i have some free time. Next time you go shoot me a PM!
locker room selfies today suitsupply kamakura conrad wu howard yount
G'd up from the feet up dawg. reminds me of that one time i met Pac when lil mookie and me took the 110 until the 105... got off at crenshaw for a 40 and some newports.
make sure to rep yo' colors son. Blue suede double Gs on yo feet but you aint crippin.
shit gets tough at the compton swap meet doesnt it Dre?
says the guy wearing shirts with yellow pits and brown ring around the collar.
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