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if those were a UK10 you'd be SOL my man. Good luck! sweet shoes.
i have a swedish buddy.... thats what he calls it after too much pornhub.
a good set of PJs are a lot cheaper than the years of therapy that sight will cause
big stains.this right here. works every time for me.
its rare that i cant get a stain out
im getting ideas. My dad has a few pieces by the guy who made porter's suits (manuel) sparkly as fuck.
^huge mistake. those are awesome
one day man. one day ill find something.
^when you wear the david beckham tee...do you look like david beckham? if so, take my money. all of it.
holy shit man. this is your best week ever IMHO. so much stuff in my size that i absolutely love and tons of RL stuff in my wife's size too.
New Posts  All Forums: