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youre shit outta luck man. thats MY size. but i have plenty. Ill shoot you a PM if i come across anything. For the custom fit oxfords, youre a M. In the classic fit, prob a S.
what size are you? i come across them quite frequently.... usually the custom fit shirts... typically always pick them up. great casual shirts and fit me perfect. I typically leave them if they dont fit me, so if i come across some ill snag em for ya
actually i immediately take that back. Id rather buy half a mill worth of nearly anything else.
HAHA!!you know, If i had 'fuck you' money, id buy one of these, at that price, just to watch what happens.
^^LOVE that coat man. great purchase for sure
yup. the old school ones. But it looks like those prices are fugazi. People asking crazy amounts to drive up the price. So resell will still be 5bucks a pop probably.
what the FUCK?? my wife has a ton of these boxed up at her grandmothers. looks like im doing a B&E tonight.
good grief. stop shoving your wang down everyones throat.
nothing special... panerai homage. hard to tell from the pics...but it looks like a chinese copy of an ETA.
^if any of those Tory Burch flats are a 7.... my wife would be highly interested.
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