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thanks mimo!! ive always liked their race guns, but i have zero use for one. so far feels as nice as my other 1911s.
sounds like you have a ton more experience than me with lever actions though. All i can attest to is what ive shot/sold/handled. 90% of the ones ive handled are brand new, and the henrys and marlins ive shot were all new or nearly new.
well, ill say you can still tell a lot (enough) by comparing a pair of new lobbs to a pair of new allen edmonds.
im sure....but im speaking of fresh outta the box.
picked up a new toy last night.... Ive never owned an STI 1911 but i keep hearing good things. And any company that says a big 'fuck you' to california gun laws is OK in my book. looking forward to getting some range time with it soon. Guardian in 45
just a side thingI agree reg: Uberti, but theyre about 30-40% more than a henry. Ive yet to handle a rossi that was felt any better than a marlin. Now, ive only played with a handful of rossi levers, but the ones i felt, felt like a $500 rifle.
really? theyre a solid action to me. very smooth. Rossis are a pretty nice gun for the money. But IMHO its like comparing a rossi revolver to a smith revolver.
oh man. Cant believe you parted with that.
for that price range, they make the smoothest action and use the nicest furniture. If you dont really care about that stuff, save the extra money and buy a 336
maybe not as much as others, but ive shot a lot of em, and sold more. Whatcha wanna know?
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