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threat of rape over the internet regarding clothing? no. not weird at all.
HAHAHAHAHA. My wife said something similar about my single pleats. oh well. what can ya do? keep on keepin on.
another way of putting it: I felt like i was sitting next to stitch. that guy won't keep his hands to himself!
lately I've been coming around to pleats. these look tops monkey. I think for pleats to look their best they really need to be worn with braces instead of belt loops/belt.
I haven't been able to wear ties as much as i used to...but this past weekend i wore the olive shantung....i felt like my torso was getting molested by all the hands on me. Dozens of compliments on the tie....i just had to politely agree that yeah this tie was "the fucking shit"
COME TO PAPA!!!!! I just remembered why I stay out of this thread. dammit spoo. But I'm gonna look secksay in this
fuck. i got excited, then sad when i found out it isnt gonna fit me.
You rang? When's the deadline to post? I don't expect to win but it's always fun to make some people squeamish.
Im gonna pass as well fellas....im crazy busy the next couple weeks and I was going thru my ties last week to prepare but the only ties im ready to let go arent anything special. also, I look at that letter every day Z. One of the best things thats ever come into my hands in my SF tenure.
You know I couldn't tell. There wasn't enough pictures of the car. I think we need a dozen more from different angles to tell for sure.Also the car thread is elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: