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im sure theres a partial amputee here that can make use of that 2/3 sock.
so you can get them here... http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/makers/makersinfo/view/id/126/#shopproducts or get almost 3 pair for the same price from you?
i swore by those polo socks from marshalls. love em. BUT, yeah. a really good pair of socks feels great. well worth the extra money. I have one pair of Sozzis, and i think they feel and last better than my pantherellas.Needless to say, id be in
i like your style...........CHICKENFUCKER
Good god.
back around page 2 i think.
until he realized he couldnt fit it in the ferrari
some of it is the gear, but most of it is the goods.
what the hell is better than a rusty trumbone?! NOTHING I SAY!
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