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damn... was looking around at formosa and saw this NWT....Spoos got one in dat fox flannel.. looks like no reserve too. Might be one of the nicest fabrics I've seen from formosa http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sartoria-Formosa-Napoli-Fox-Brothers-Grey-Flannel-NMWA-Herringbone-Suit-48-R-NR-/351777993676?hash=item51e79a33cc:g:h-cAAOSwbYZXfuO3
would have to agree. I think the new no date sub is one of the nicest offerings. Perfectly balanced and symmetrical IMHO.
if this speaker works, its probably more valuable than the amp. And if you wanna sell it.....lemme know. I have a few amps i could use it in.
can it count as 'thriftening' when it happens weekly to you ya bastard?
^^LOVE fox bros. damn good BBQ.
id agree with that. haha.
i saw a RG sweater this weekend..... which.... :gasp: was actually nice. basic burgundy crewneck.
man, i thought that was just a regional thing here that i call "NashTrash"
come to nashville. Every divorced professional making over 200K wears RG and bedazzled jeans to whatever bar is hot at the time. Out picking up 20 something girls to take out on their boat.
just sprezz.... lolz
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