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this was a tough lesson for me. I love loud patterns and fabrics. But solids and "boring" really work better.
how you like that wiley clapp?? I bought the commander clapp a couple months back. Love it. love the grips. But that thing rattles like a son of a bitch. I was worried it wouldnt be very accurate, but it shot tight groups once i got used to the blacked out back sight and brass bead.
lets not forget, i have posted pics of me in camo trous and sportcoats.
Ive been around here long enough to know what looks good. Hate to use the term old school, but being able to recall the days of posts by Vox, urbancomp, whnay., manton......hsa given me a keen eye as to what works and what doesnt. Have i reached sartorial perfection? not even close. thats why I come here though. to learn.But youre jsut coming up on your first year of SF. hang around. you'll pick up a few things.
I have a jacket in a very similar fabric...while a blue shirt works with it, i always dislike it with any blue tie i try with it...cashmere, challis, corduroy, greanadine....never looks right to me.
"nothing fancy' lulz. its a wilson. theyre fancy as fuck. They really are amazing pistols. I just couldnt justify keeping it and never shooting it. I cant recommend a DW more. You should definitely try one out sometime soon.
tasteful as fuck. well done.
couldnt agree more.
I think the light blue shirt works VERY well, but im not sold on the blue tie. I personally think a hunter green or maroon would look great. Id probably like it a ton better as a 2 piece rather than a 3 piece
ive gone through probably 15 in the past year. Finally settled on a couple colts, kimber, and a couple dan wessons.which one? I sold/traded mine for another dan wesson. I liked it, but i shot the DW so much better and liked the feel so much more i couldnt justify having it just to have a wilson.
New Posts  All Forums: