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i didn't even know i could buy pennants for Devry, ITT Tech and the University of Phoenix....if i keep kopping, she'll be Class of June at ITT Tech
really pleased with my chipp grenadine. and paul is a damn cool guy to talk to.
eventually she'll stop even mentioning it. won't even bat an eye.Just got confirmation that ill be picking up my new one saturday morning. Pretty excited...one of the few panerais I've never owned.
Thanks!!......nopenope...but i think i just realized where that lapel thing came from. I had it in my jewelry box and put it onits a mystery!my mainline isaia soot has it on the lapel. suck it!bro. bow chicka bow wow!Thanks CD!! i got a better camera and lens. and found myself with some more time throughout the day.
HAHA!! he is ...... discreet.
only in public
IM IN!i know stitch is in too...he never turns down a reach around.
I gave the crust man a thumb but he promised to prod me after.....Thats what i love about SF...you give and you get!
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