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id make that trip.Im tempted to make the trip this weekend just to see the new watch before you change your mind and return it.
i remember one time i got invited to an apartment and when her husband came home i had to hide in her closet!CLOSE RIGHT??
Bring it to nashville and lets go shoot! ill bring a few Dan Wessons too. id love to get a bunch of people together with 1911s.... have a chance to shoot a dozen or so at the same time.
i actually really like that spartan series finish... not crazy about sig 1911s though. thanks man! yeah, 9mmjust 9mm. Im TRYING to keep as few calibers as possible becuase im cheap with ammo costs.
ahhh ok. nope... .i havent seen one of those so i dont think theyre doing too many of them. But not sure to be honest.
its a Gray Guns DA/SA trigger....(assuming you meant DAO?)
this guy found its way into my safe saturday.... Sig 229 Legion Series... the whole 'legion' thing just may be marketing hype, but i will say this is one of the best da/sa triggers ive felt. Reset is soo short. and the grey color is pretty slick too.
unreal. wanted to get my kiddo a pair until i saw the price people are paying. fuckthatshit. She'll be 1000x happier with some Frozen/Elsa sneaks that light up for 10 bucks.
no sir. The borrellis are 7 fold and the rest are standard.
id love to get into tinkering and reloading. I have a press and about 90% of the equipment, just no time/space.
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