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thats awesome. I sold my wife's panerai a couple years ago..... she STILL hasn't asked where it is. True fucking story. I bought it for her before we got married, and when we moved in together I found it shoved in a box that was stored in her attic.
^^contact them. I'm pretty certain they will make it right. bought new from a boutique a year ago? Still under warranty id assume too.
VERY boxy. this had extensive surgery done to give it substantially more shape than before. I have another oxxford that I haven't had anything done to yet....holy god is it awful. but the craftsmanship and fabric is really great.
grey suits are indeed boring.I think if i had anymore taper to the jacket it would be uncomfortable. As for the pants, theyre 8.25', a little wider than my typical preference of 8, but I also passed on cuffs. still plenty of fabric, but i have an isaia suit in a very similar grey with cuffs.I agree 100% with the shoes.
under 20 is reasonable...well...IMHO any number is reasonable if they get worn.
papa's got a brand new bag....and suit...and shoes....and tie... Oxxford suit, Borrelli shirt, Cappelli tie, Vass shoes, filson 256
^^one of my all time favorites D. classic and elegant!
yup. looks like it was a knock off. Ive personally never seen a rolex without numbers engraved between the lugs
Hell yea dcg. Looking damn good. Much better than the pics of you on the shitter that's floating around the internet.
Thanks man! it is a full soot! Its a pretty bright suit...when i put it on i feel like i should be going to church in atlanta.
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