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great info!! thanks a ton. I saw the new TF...really want to smell that.I typically like Diors stuff...ill check that out.
not sure...she ordered from Neimans. I have a bottle of Creed BDP as well that isnt being used much..but im far too stingy to get rid of it...i love that scent.*edit* whats 1903?
Any recommendations on a great Oud or pachouli scent? Wife got me some Tom Ford Tobacco Oud this weekend...REALLY nice smell. But id like something with a stronger oud and less tobacco.
baby its cold outside Iron Heart Devils Fit Iron Heart Western Shirt Vintage Woolrich Jacket Unseen: the aroma of marlboros and stale budweiser. And a little Merle playing in the backgroud.
trying something new. Linen/Silk coat by The Viridi-Anne
agree completely. The 3706 can be had for fairly reasonable. As much as i like Sinns offerings...to me they just seem to be a $500 watch. The IWCs finishing really are top notch. Looks and feels like a higher quality watch.
creed - bois du portugual or royal oudTF - Italian Cypress is amazeballs. so is oud wood.
Yep. His wife found the credit card bill.
looking to trade my ToJ grey lamb moto 4zip. size 40. open to offers. PM me!
maybe i look better from behind. iron heart 666s, no name shawl collar cardigan.
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