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type 1 diabetic as well. I just had to pay $6K last week for my supplies and insulin pump and CGM. Moving to the pump was the best decision ive made, but holy shit it was expensive.When i used the pens, my copay was $30 for a pack of them. (4-5 pens in the box if i recall) I remember when i was without insurance i had to pay thousands out of pocket for those few months. Kinda terrible... 2 choices... pay it, or pretty much die.
I think its an odd thing... .drug prices are so subsidized by insurance companies, that they can get away with it fuckall to uninsured folks. The entire industry is a fucked up place and glad fixing it doesnt rest on my shoulders.thanks P! she's doing great, like nothing ever happened. Having no idea what was going on, scared the living shit out of me.im 50/50 with you on the tire analogy.... where you lose me is the life/death importance of medicine vs the luxury of...
^fairly certain CJ for Polo is tagged the us size... but CJ is tagged UK sizing. odd.
he definitely hangs out in casinos.... one time he was in vegas and ran into Wanye Newton...almost lost his shit.
those white guccis.... I had a pair once...my wife's cousin eddie gave them to me.... said he noticed me looking at the pair he had the last time we visited and got em for me as a gift.
about the same size as don cheadle.
if so, would prob just be my face.
its a ploy to make a quick buck. celebrity "endorsements" outside of Gotti and Trump.... edgy and trendy. Varvatos, Dior, SLP.... Not saying i hate the styling, but its NOT brioni. Dont try to make it Brioni.
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