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atta boy
I have a feeling whatever will be replacing this TF coat will be just as "FUCK YOU IM SPOO"
HA! how bout 2K pics of me rocking the TF?? we has a deal?
oh my gawd. someone should really lend me 1700.
yup. my dad was gonna be all over these like stink on shit but he's pretty broad shouldered.
don't you have a suit by orazio? while internet creeping them i thought i saw you in one.
^razl laying down some gospel!!!
placed my first order with NMWA friday. Just wanted to thank Greg for being so helpful. He answered every sizing question i had and was super polite. Looking forward to my new Vass to be delivered this week! Thanks again Greg!
ill post a fit pic and look amazing in it!!!!
im 6'2ish. tie would fit me, but i don't wanna hoard all the drakes for LS ties. I have one already.
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