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sometimes it takes a few minutes for them all to load.
Yes!! Great album.Hit a couple on my way home.
pretty wild stuff. Imagine hank williams on a 3 week meth and whisky bender.sheldon is actually hank Jrs son... .(which is why he goes by hank 3) When he's playing alone with a guitar... he looks and sounds so much like his grandfather is SCARY.*edit* when i say friend... i mean he was seeing my best friends girlfriends roommate..... so we spent some time together but its not like he was getting invited to my wedding
lead singer used to be a friend of mine. Sheldon! Lots of drugs and booze shared between me and that dude
^^THose are SLICK. whats the waist measure?
well..... lets be honest..... you arent incorrect.
HAHAHAHA! not sure, but its the camo IM looking for hahaha
fixed for me.... Why must Mr Bigs stuff all fit me perfect, and my wallet be so empty?
if you were 4" taller and dressed in black stretchy dress pants with a gucci belt and robert graham shirts.... you'd be twins.he also drives a ferrari...one of 6 he has.
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