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quite tongue in cheek.
thanks TC! most everyone hates the camo del toros. this is the first panerai I've owned with the tuxedo dial....on the wrist it pretty much just looks black until the light catches it. Pretty fun piece!
saturday started with this and finished with this finally have a panerai back in the collection. 29M...rerelease of the old 29. now...onto more straps!
^^ that 15400 indeed is a top notch pick....but the BP really is a show stopper. They look great in pics, but even better in person. When i tried it on at an AD it sat strange on my pencil wrists...but a buddy has one ad he flipped the strap, (tang at 6 instead of 12) and it made a huge difference for me. Ive always wanted one of those..... just a great watch. my wife started asking to wear my GMT IIc after i started wearing my AP most of the time. So i suppose i can...
grenadine or shantung lulz
DUDE! tell me all about that BP...how ya love it???
i didn't even know i could buy pennants for Devry, ITT Tech and the University of Phoenix....if i keep kopping, she'll be Class of June at ITT Tech
really pleased with my chipp grenadine. and paul is a damn cool guy to talk to.
eventually she'll stop even mentioning it. won't even bat an eye.Just got confirmation that ill be picking up my new one saturday morning. Pretty excited...one of the few panerais I've never owned.
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