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I thought we all already had them..... #innerserkle
im just gonna quote this right here.
some LS kops in action. MG, Finamore, Rubinacci
sometimes, theres a stroke of genius. this is one of those times.
double post
^^ HOOOOLY i absolutely love that bike man. ive been dying to pick up an old cafe racer in the near future.
from what i recall this was the consensus haha.
wasnt there someone on the thread awhile ago who looked up the owner of a jacket and emailed/contacted them?maybe it was tongue in cheek.... cant recall if they were joking about calling to see if they had anymore clothes to donate.
i remember when my dad was working out the guitar work on that song.... i was probably 8? completely blown away at Gadd's solos in that. just incredible.
As for the old 22 smiths, ive never owned one. I suppose it bothers me less on a rimfire cartridge compared to a centerfire. I wouldnt say i have a beef with frame mounted firing pins... the pythons have one as well.... I just prefer a hammer mounted firing pin. I tend to take maybe too much advice from my gunsmith...hes been smithing for 40 years. Most of my opinions come from advice ive gotten from him.
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