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under 20 is reasonable...well...IMHO any number is reasonable if they get worn.
papa's got a brand new bag....and suit...and shoes....and tie... Oxxford suit, Borrelli shirt, Cappelli tie, Vass shoes, filson 256
^^one of my all time favorites D. classic and elegant!
yup. looks like it was a knock off. Ive personally never seen a rolex without numbers engraved between the lugs
Hell yea dcg. Looking damn good. Much better than the pics of you on the shitter that's floating around the internet.
Thanks man! it is a full soot! Its a pretty bright suit...when i put it on i feel like i should be going to church in atlanta.
howdy SS, Borrelli, Drakes for LuxeSwap
Look at this gorgeous specimen of handmade goodness. The absolute perfect neck accessory for the upcoming fall. Immediately this tie will escalate your fit to the upper echelons of menswear-ness. See that hand rolled tip? yeah. Let that sink in. See that texture? let its sexiness wash over you. I have 2 of em, and I got a letter from Barack telling me that was too much sexiness for one person to have, so i have to let one go. This amazing piece of cloth can be yours...
THIS. I aint no spring chicken anymore.was gonna make a kevinsp8 'twink' reference...but ill pass.
son, ill model it totally nude. you'll get at least 3500.and 2500 for the coat. AYO!
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