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dude. last time i was in NY, about 30 minutes before i went to Daniel for what would be literally the best meal ive ever had in my life...I ate 4 slices of greasy pizza and a diet coke. BIG MACS ARE GOOD EATS MANG.call it what you want. but youve never lived until youve had a big mac and champagne with a few hookers at the waldorf.
touche clags. that is a very safe assumption to make. I typically am pantless.
hey. at least they fit well.
36mm isnt a bad size at all for a dress watch. If you prefer the 38mm, and are just looking at the mini because its available or the price is lower...pass.
those ovadia ties look niiiiiiiiice spoodles.
hey. sex sells.I require a room at the waldorf, flights, a towncar to pick me up, 2 bottles of champagne chilled in the room when i arrive, a contact for some NY hookers, box of magnums, brown M&Ms ONLY, Big Mac with no onions and the middle bun removed, 12 pack of killians, and s prescription of penicillinI like where your heads at.
my friend and his wife have his/hers yachties. gotta say im a little jealous. they look great.
agreed completely re: the grips. Really strange. but when i held it...feels so damn good. Keep me posted when you get some range time with it. Curious to hear your thoughts. It took me a couple magazines to get used to the sights.
Spot on eric!
this was a tough lesson for me. I love loud patterns and fabrics. But solids and "boring" really work better.
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