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damn right. it takes a joo to know what a gentile needs
wasn't the first....wont be the last. When you know what gets you off...you keep coming back to it.
Boom!!check out IWC. lots of great choices in your range.... but its hard to go wrong with the MUT Moon
agree on this...they are neat looking watches and technically advanced. but the cost puts them out of my mind. id much rather have that datograph
i HATE tags....but this is fucking stellar. absolutely love this watch
dude, they're velvet slippers. you're gonna get some laughs hahahahaha. personally i think you should kop a pair again.if you wanna go full baller, pick up the lobb deck shoes too. as much as i love sperrys, they're quite ubiquitous.
dude they are VERY dainty. im 6'3 and i feel like I'm wearing my wife's shoes.
thanks amigo!
very cool and quite intricate pieces for sure....for me personally, id never buy one. way too eccentric for my tastes. id pick a RM over an urwerk, but i wouldn't pay for one. too many things id pick over em.
great choice. you'll love it.
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