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Doing some christmas shopping, and emailed Spoo a pic of some shoes for my wife.... on the off chance he had them or something similar. In my wife's size. (shot in the dark right?) 2 min later i get a text with a pic of the shoes, in her size. Now, lets see Neimans match that kind of service.
looks like everyone is having a great time. I spent the last couple weekends in the woods for deer season. slim pickins for me... yet to harvest anything.
nice!! kimber caught a bad reputation awhile ago.... their QC was pretty spotty, and i had a couple that were just awful. But in recent years, it seems theyve come a long ways. The last half a dozen ive had were flawless right out of the box. the eclipse is one of their nicest loking pistols...always loved that. congrats!!
LOVE it. took my smith 629 out this weekend and shot a few cylinders. Everyone needs a 44.
^ nice pickups! The LCP is uncomfortable, and not very accurate at all. not a fun gun to shoot. That being said, its fantastic for what it is. its not supposed to be fun to shoot or really accurate. its tiny, and meant only to be used at a distance of a few yards at most. Its thinner and lighter than a J frame, and is probably one of the easiest to conceal guns. I wear pretty slim fitting denim, and an LCP still fits in my pocket.
fantastic!! absolutely love that glass. Ive been looking for a minute at getting a new rifle in 6.5CM, but everything I read just points back to 300wsm.
oh my. so, see that amp behind gene oneal? thats my dads. not one like it.... his exact amp. My grandfather knew those guys, and my dad was a young kid and had been playing steel for a few years. Gene was at their house, and my dad was star struck and went nuts. I cant recall what kind of amp gene had, but my dad traded him..... and gene played it for quite some time.Man, thanks for posting this. great old tune.
oops. figured day/night indicator hahahaha
ah... i have one of those in my office. we call it a window.
i know a few guys..... more money than sense. guy i know bought a LE hublot for around 45K. some black with red watch.... the next year, the rep contacts him about the new LE...thats the exact same watch, only red with black. And he ends up dropping another 45K on it. still has them both too.hell, id be embarrassed buying a plain jane hublot let alone one of those.
New Posts  All Forums: