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I wore my oxxford suit with a pair of AEs and an american made tie. Felt like i was getting a handjob from the statue of liberty while riding on the back of a bald eagle drenched in ranch dressing. 'murica.
this is a problem in all facets of my life.
Ill go on and admit to this. The gold trumpet HSM is pretty damn well made especially for the price. i have a suit and 2 or 3 sportcoats that i actually really like by them.
thats why the bulk of my shoes are captoes.
never goes out of style!! haha
time to get some 3" cuffs and some double monks... pair with electric blue unlined sport coat and some lime green socks.#menswear god status granted.
i think i have 4 pair?
i do. i have a few pair, but i think some suedes would be a nice addition.
last few days for tweeds/cashmere MG, Sam Hober, Kamakura
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