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damn dude. i thought i hated seersucker..... but youre making me want one. looking good louis!
holy shit this is so true. I hit my early 30s, and went from 170ish to 205 now. Admittedly i was doing a ton of coke and a lot of moving around years ago, but man losing inches these days is freaking tough. Started eating a tad better and working out 4 days a week hopefully will help me get back into my old stuff.
Why don't I ever find Alden's in my size? Fack. Size too smal ar 9.5
this is true... i bought my mom a ladies DJ a few years back for a STUPID cheap price.
ah i thought you meant current no date movements....all the current are the caliber 31xx.im not sure which rolex mimo has.... hard to see from the pic...but i THINK the 2xxx calibers are all for the ladies DJs. could be wrong...
looks good mimo!!
off the top of my head.... the only ones i can name are the caliber 3130, 3131, and the 3132 ... maybe 3165 too?
^^Ho Lee Shit.
I have a large number of MG suits and sportcoats. I absolutely love them, and anyone who says theyre "nothing to write home about" is completely off base and probably has no experience with them. (he says he doesnt) Fully canvassed, and some of my favorite fabrics. Very nice details as well... hand work, horn buttons, etc.to compare, i have 2 mid grey suits. One Isaia and one Greenfield. they fit very similar, and the Isaia has slightly less shoulder padding. But...
no idea why. I absolutely love all my MG stuff. this jacket im particular is fantastic... softer shoulder than any neopolitan jacket i own. quarter lined, and the fabric is by far my favorite that ive owned.
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