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SPOOOOOOOO DAT ETRO!!!! Classic my man. Also those corthays are fiya
I think it depends on the fabric. This sc is a really heavy cashmere/wool blend with quite a bit of texture. Add to that the patch pockets and I think it's a pretty safe odd jacket.
man it took me almost a year to finally break down and buy one. I REALLY like the navy...for the exact reason you stated. now I'm trying to figure a reason to buy the tan duffle.
you talking to me? ill assume so......i love the navy. Its perfect for work. tad dressier than the tan
this is why i didn't mind getting it. Its quite a different cut than my charcoal grey isaia so its nice to have a bit of variety.
thats awesome. I sold my wife's panerai a couple years ago..... she STILL hasn't asked where it is. True fucking story. I bought it for her before we got married, and when we moved in together I found it shoved in a box that was stored in her attic.
^^contact them. I'm pretty certain they will make it right. bought new from a boutique a year ago? Still under warranty id assume too.
VERY boxy. this had extensive surgery done to give it substantially more shape than before. I have another oxxford that I haven't had anything done to yet....holy god is it awful. but the craftsmanship and fabric is really great.
grey suits are indeed boring.I think if i had anymore taper to the jacket it would be uncomfortable. As for the pants, theyre 8.25', a little wider than my typical preference of 8, but I also passed on cuffs. still plenty of fabric, but i have an isaia suit in a very similar grey with cuffs.I agree 100% with the shoes.
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