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So yeah, if he wouldve changed the pants, shirt, and tie...it wouldve worked better.soo....nice....jacket?i guess thats where im confused. Are we here to post pics and show off? or are we here to post pics and get feedback to better ourselves? Seems this thread is leaning toward the forum version of instagram.
I wish i could count the watches i bought on a whim to scratch the itch of what i really wanted.
This should be hung above every shop. I remember years ago when pikcing out a watch, i was told a silimar piece of advice. "The most expensive watch youll ever buy is the one you get instead of the one you really want."
one should embrace the benefit of a solid shirt and more sublte tie when pairing such loud fabrics.
trunk show? Id fly in for that. How about you provide the bottle of JD and ill get smashed and make everyone there uncomfortable?
HAHAHA. sometimes i feel like im the only one wearing their glasses.
hmm. OK!
you think so?
assuming it can be.
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