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^10 year old me is shitting his pants. thats a really cool find.
i think I've watched that clip 20 times
This is from Pointer Brand...The Scout Coverall was made in 2010 for Scout Original in NY. THe Hickory is about 12 years old. And the Lot 32 Jean is current production.So no vintage :/
hell of a first fit pic.
^99% sure that fendi is legit. keeper looks just like the few ive had.
I'll email my contact there today when I get to work. See if they can tell from the pics.
for sure.Pointer is here in TN...one of my clients. been REALLY tempted to see if i could drive out for a tour.
dat scouts speed shop coverall is the fuckin shit.
i checked one of my jackets...i have one too. although i had a bit of work done to help the fit.
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