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fantastic. I got to record with one of his silver sparkle telecasters awhile ago. friend of my family was a staff guitar player on hee haw and buck gave it to him in the early 70s. (time may be incorrect, could be earlier)
i really wanted to love the python... a friend of mine has close to 60 pythons between him and his father. He offered to sell me one at a fairly decent price, but just couldnt part with that much money for something i feel isnt any better than what i already have.
standard issue when you go to the post office to do the change of address. sign a paper, and they give you a tele.
theyre quite different from les pauls. To me, i much prefer a tele these days.
i agree, but hte brandwhore in me really wants one.My gunsmith Rocky does absolutely amazing work. He worked on my '83 586 and its by far the best shooter i own. Shot it next to a python and still no comparison. IMHO, youre hard pressed to find a better wheel gun than an old well cared for and finely tuned smith.that being said, i still want a korth or nighthawk
i wouldve ordered by now, but now im kinda worried to. I mean i already have a trail of bitches following me and throwing panties and poon in my face everywhere i go. If i buy this, someones getting pregnant.
i think the sampler pack is the way to go. hard time picking out what i wanna try.
WAIT.I do have a couple kops i havent left feedback for. I WILL NOT BE OUTDONE.
^^LOVE that episode. THanks for posting the pic too.
thursdays indeed.im having a day where im bored as hell too. Unfortunately, its the end of the month and i have a mountain of stuff to do, but instead of doing it, im doing about half of it and thinking up excuses to be late with the other half.all about balance.
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