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^^Ho Lee Shit.
I have a large number of MG suits and sportcoats. I absolutely love them, and anyone who says theyre "nothing to write home about" is completely off base and probably has no experience with them. (he says he doesnt) Fully canvassed, and some of my favorite fabrics. Very nice details as well... hand work, horn buttons, etc.to compare, i have 2 mid grey suits. One Isaia and one Greenfield. they fit very similar, and the Isaia has slightly less shoulder padding. But...
no idea why. I absolutely love all my MG stuff. this jacket im particular is fantastic... softer shoulder than any neopolitan jacket i own. quarter lined, and the fabric is by far my favorite that ive owned.
checkign in with my LS fit. thuper thweet indigo dyed crunchy linen Martin Greenfield jacket and Marinella tie all via LuxeSwappage.
martin greenfield indigo dyed crunchy linen borrelli marinella
ill give you TEN DOLLARS for both. then you can keep the LP and ill take da purple nurple.gaht dayum im a brilliant business man.
these heathens. teh whole lot of them.
give it up. these bastards dont listen to reason!
^^PURPLE borrelli???? :faints:
^^congrats on that 16ga!
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