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casual for a trip to the local vineyard. RL indigo ocbd, Imogene+Willie jawnz, Common Projects, and my fav audemars.
no. Heard this so often so I had them added to a custom esp I bought. It's been played a handful of times. I think it all depends on the style of music though. These would be perfect if I played in a white zombie coverband.
sometime in 1973-ish
I assumed it closed down when i stopped posting
holy shit DT still exists??
damn, how have i missed that?? Ill definitely be in next time!
man ive heard about miller bros. Every time im there i always forget about it. Honestly, ive never even been to h stockton.
had no idea. i picked up a chambray recently and the collar is REALLY great. Need to drop in next time im in atlanta.
scratch that. Just placed a $50 bid and it was outbid. hot damn.
fuck to the yes. I have a couple from him that i REALLY love. and a popover to boot?? shiiiiiiit. This will be in my closet.
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