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son, ill model it totally nude. you'll get at least 3500.and 2500 for the coat. AYO!
the only reason this is still available is because i don't have 1600. that is the one and only fucking reason because i would look amazing in it.
Look how amazing this tie is. Gaze upon its beauty. This could be yours. For only $80 shipped in the CONUS. Do your friends think you're a slouch? Tired of your WAYWRN pics looking subpar? Sick of sitting at home alone on the weekends looking at pics of other men on the internet dressing better than you? Good. Heres your chance to cure all these ailments. Standard width/length. All tags intact, no pulls at all. Really an amazing tie but just doesn't get worn and...
atta boy
I have a feeling whatever will be replacing this TF coat will be just as "FUCK YOU IM SPOO"
HA! how bout 2K pics of me rocking the TF?? we has a deal?
oh my gawd. someone should really lend me 1700.
yup. my dad was gonna be all over these like stink on shit but he's pretty broad shouldered.
don't you have a suit by orazio? while internet creeping them i thought i saw you in one.
^razl laying down some gospel!!!
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