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mine will be delivered tomorrow. sorry for the delay! its on a UPS truck somewhere around maryland probably
got a box yesterday! needless to say.... im pretty stoked. check this shit out.. the firearms book is stellar.... but the Strat in the Attic... Deke is a fantastic picker and ive been a long time fan. cant wait to read it! thanks santa!
the fucked up part is thats pretty much exactly how many i need.
holy shit.
he's been after my six for years.
theres always next year. OR, a good alternative, buy from Spoo. I hear he rubs EVERYTHING on his taint and asscrack anyway. So in case you forget to... hes got your six
fuck. shame away. mine will be going out this week. still waiting on 2 pieces to complete the gift.
you wont be displeased.
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