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martin greenfield indigo dyed crunchy linen borrelli marinella
ill give you TEN DOLLARS for both. then you can keep the LP and ill take da purple nurple.gaht dayum im a brilliant business man.
these heathens. teh whole lot of them.
give it up. these bastards dont listen to reason!
^^PURPLE borrelli???? :faints:
^^congrats on that 16ga!
i loathe the new smiths with the lock. I also dont like the action on them nearly as well as the older ones. And given the choice, ill always choose a revolver with the firing pin on the hammer. I dont know why they changed that.The talo edition is pretty, but the grips feel REALLY odd in my hand. quite unbalanced.....theyre really thin and the gun itself is heavy.
i have a love hate with the 686+. I paid more than that for my 586.
there was a guy i knew that owned a local gun store years ago.... early -mid 2000s.... the local PD were selling off their model 19s for $100 apiece.... he bought all of them and was reselling for 175-200. At that time, they were going for 300ish online. Wish i had a crystal ball..... in my area its nearly impossible to get a 19 for under 500...and a nice one goes for the 900 range.
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