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hmm. still tempting.i think this is just a damn good reason for me to come try on in person and loot the LS store. amex ok?
^glad you posted this. I thought Ring ran really slim/small. So i thought this may fit my 40/chubby frame. ....saved me a bidding war with wes!
anyone familiar with the Sphinx pistol that Kriss is importing? swiss made version of a CZ basically. I have a guy wanting to trade one of my colts for his. kinda tempted.... if only for a catch and release after some fun with it.
man i hadnt even thought about that song in years.
YES! those are a must have on those. not the most comfortable to me, but by gawd they look great.
I thought we all already had them..... #innerserkle
im just gonna quote this right here.
some LS kops in action. MG, Finamore, Rubinacci
sometimes, theres a stroke of genius. this is one of those times.
New Posts  All Forums: