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well. that explains the horned guy that shows up in my room every night that helps me plan world domination.
you have lost all the privilege to make fun of me for ever wearing guyliner. The douche STILL runs strong in you.
not anymore. Sold to me circa 2011. I wore that shit out. crotch blow out.
malo makes some cool jackets....if it fits...KOP!
im not ashamed to say i fucking want those overalls. BADLY.
shit. looks like im gonna be spending a lot of money soon. Great info guys....cant thank you enough!!
great info!! thanks a ton. I saw the new TF...really want to smell that.I typically like Diors stuff...ill check that out.
not sure...she ordered from Neimans. I have a bottle of Creed BDP as well that isnt being used much..but im far too stingy to get rid of it...i love that scent.*edit* whats 1903?
Any recommendations on a great Oud or pachouli scent? Wife got me some Tom Ford Tobacco Oud this weekend...REALLY nice smell. But id like something with a stronger oud and less tobacco.
New Posts  All Forums: