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well, going by that scientific metric, i need to reevaluate my entire life.But yeah...sweet gifts! although im partial to the books my SS sent me.
you know as well as i do that 10mb cap is being VERY generous.
why? you sending your entire collection of dictures from SFers?
whoever has not shipped gifts, should be noted here, and i propose we flood their PMs with dictures. FWIW i havent trimmed in a minute. lookin like burt reynolds down there lately.
have you seen the price of postage these days? #joomerry christmas fellers! (albeit a week late)
mine will be delivered tomorrow. sorry for the delay! its on a UPS truck somewhere around maryland probably
got a box yesterday! needless to say.... im pretty stoked. check this shit out.. the firearms book is stellar.... but the Strat in the Attic... Deke is a fantastic picker and ive been a long time fan. cant wait to read it! thanks santa!
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