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^fairly certain CJ for Polo is tagged the us size... but CJ is tagged UK sizing. odd.
he definitely hangs out in casinos.... one time he was in vegas and ran into Wanye Newton...almost lost his shit.
those white guccis.... I had a pair once...my wife's cousin eddie gave them to me.... said he noticed me looking at the pair he had the last time we visited and got em for me as a gift.
about the same size as don cheadle.
if so, would prob just be my face.
its a ploy to make a quick buck. celebrity "endorsements" outside of Gotti and Trump.... edgy and trendy. Varvatos, Dior, SLP.... Not saying i hate the styling, but its NOT brioni. Dont try to make it Brioni.
quick question on shipping.... trying to get a quote for overseas shipping to portugual for some shoes. USPS Priority International large box is $87 .... im not finding much help on their website to get a shipping quote other than that. Any idea the cost involved to ship? the website is ambiguous as fuck and i dont wanna take TOO large of a hit.
this is such bullshit. good grief. terrible fit, and it will fail miserably. Just because he's getting press from GQ means nothing. Of ocurse people will be talking about it....doesnt make it right. Brioni is old school italian tailoring. Its like a shit bastard love child of SLP and Tom Ford. o'shea needs to stick to buying
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