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malo makes some cool jackets....if it fits...KOP!
im not ashamed to say i fucking want those overalls. BADLY.
shit. looks like im gonna be spending a lot of money soon. Great info guys....cant thank you enough!!
great info!! thanks a ton. I saw the new TF...really want to smell that.I typically like Diors stuff...ill check that out.
not sure...she ordered from Neimans. I have a bottle of Creed BDP as well that isnt being used much..but im far too stingy to get rid of it...i love that scent.*edit* whats 1903?
Any recommendations on a great Oud or pachouli scent? Wife got me some Tom Ford Tobacco Oud this weekend...REALLY nice smell. But id like something with a stronger oud and less tobacco.
baby its cold outside Iron Heart Devils Fit Iron Heart Western Shirt Vintage Woolrich Jacket Unseen: the aroma of marlboros and stale budweiser. And a little Merle playing in the backgroud.
trying something new. Linen/Silk coat by The Viridi-Anne
agree completely. The 3706 can be had for fairly reasonable. As much as i like Sinns offerings...to me they just seem to be a $500 watch. The IWCs finishing really are top notch. Looks and feels like a higher quality watch.
creed - bois du portugual or royal oudTF - Italian Cypress is amazeballs. so is oud wood.
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