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its a Gray Guns DA/SA trigger....(assuming you meant DAO?)
this guy found its way into my safe saturday.... Sig 229 Legion Series... the whole 'legion' thing just may be marketing hype, but i will say this is one of the best da/sa triggers ive felt. Reset is soo short. and the grey color is pretty slick too.
unreal. wanted to get my kiddo a pair until i saw the price people are paying. fuckthatshit. She'll be 1000x happier with some Frozen/Elsa sneaks that light up for 10 bucks.
no sir. The borrellis are 7 fold and the rest are standard.
id love to get into tinkering and reloading. I have a press and about 90% of the equipment, just no time/space.
thanks mimo!! ive always liked their race guns, but i have zero use for one. so far feels as nice as my other 1911s.
sounds like you have a ton more experience than me with lever actions though. All i can attest to is what ive shot/sold/handled. 90% of the ones ive handled are brand new, and the henrys and marlins ive shot were all new or nearly new.
well, ill say you can still tell a lot (enough) by comparing a pair of new lobbs to a pair of new allen edmonds.
im sure....but im speaking of fresh outta the box.
picked up a new toy last night.... Ive never owned an STI 1911 but i keep hearing good things. And any company that says a big 'fuck you' to california gun laws is OK in my book. looking forward to getting some range time with it soon. Guardian in 45
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