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"nothing fancy' lulz. its a wilson. theyre fancy as fuck. They really are amazing pistols. I just couldnt justify keeping it and never shooting it. I cant recommend a DW more. You should definitely try one out sometime soon.
tasteful as fuck. well done.
couldnt agree more.
I think the light blue shirt works VERY well, but im not sold on the blue tie. I personally think a hunter green or maroon would look great. Id probably like it a ton better as a 2 piece rather than a 3 piece
ive gone through probably 15 in the past year. Finally settled on a couple colts, kimber, and a couple dan wessons.which one? I sold/traded mine for another dan wesson. I liked it, but i shot the DW so much better and liked the feel so much more i couldnt justify having it just to have a wilson.
HAHAHAHA. i was SO afraid to open that link. I fully expected something NSFW. haha.im more of a 1911 guy myself.
damn fine.
the WAYWT thread started as a thread to post what youre wearing to learn what works and what doesnt. And while i agree theres a lot of room for interpretation and personal style, theres still a matter of what works and what doesnt and what looks pleasing to they eye. This incoherent mix of fabrics and patterns do not. period. Sometimes we swing and miss. if you cant take it and it offends you, you probably shouldnt be posting fits on a forum dedicated to critiquing...
4 pattern can be done tastefully. its rare, but possible. This specific attempt was a miss. when going multiple patterns, all 4 shouldnt be loud.
So yeah, if he wouldve changed the pants, shirt, and tie...it wouldve worked better.soo....nice....jacket?i guess thats where im confused. Are we here to post pics and show off? or are we here to post pics and get feedback to better ourselves? Seems this thread is leaning toward the forum version of instagram.
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