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not kai, but i carry every day, everywhere i go. right now theres a 357 j frame in my briefcase, a 38 in my car, and a NAA 22 mag pug in my sportcoat pocket. when i go out tonight for dinner, ill probably have either a 1911 in an IWB holster, or maybe a wheel gun on a shoulder rig under a coat.also, surprisingly, those holsters are very comfortable. sleek and thin. keeping the belt clips off the holster spread the weight and keep the thickness to a minimum.
I'm sure eventually ill stop being a cheap bastard and get it taken care of. after shooting an SBR Daniel compared to my full length daniel ar.... its really night and v11 feels so cumbersome.wish i were closer! those 3 gun matches look like so much fun
........damn you. damn you to hell.
that sucks. good thing we have spoo to try on so we know how they fit.
I want a Barbour coat!
nice! im still on the fence on whether or not i want to do 300 SBR. i have a full upper thats done and ready to go with a 10.5" barrel and a lower thats ready to go too....but im too cheap to pay the $200 so theyre collecting dust.
I like the eotech... their recent issues didnt phase me at all...i sold off my aimpoint pros and stuck with eotechs...their reticle is much easier for me to acquire. Congrats on the new toys!!!
it was actually taking a nap. snuck up on it to take the pic. hahaShot right thru the breadbasket...dropped her immediately.Speaking of blood, while cleaning her, i got a lot of blood on my pants...and it washed out fine. Surprised me!
^^FUUUUUUUUCK! looks awesome
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