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Agree the versa max is a fantastic shotgun. But I think the Benelli IMHO is a much better pick. Those are some damn fine shotguns.
ITS IN THE CASE AND READY!!!I absolutely love the L frame. mine is a no dash from 1983.
i have a smith 586 (blued version of the 686) with a trigger job and i gotta say its one of my all time favorite pistols. One ill never get rid of.
very true. Im a pretty fuckin good shot with my AR, and i was invited out by Danie Defense for a private shooting event and got to shoot a full auto......needless to say....my ego was cut in half.
Noob, youre by far my favorite poster on B&S. I want to buy your shit just because the ads are spectacular.
damn. I have no need for another guitar but that D35.... shit.
dayton boots you say? size?
i bet you do. but get your eyes off my goodies.
it says "club" on the label.
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