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I've been paid all kinds of ways.
not at all. I've got a permanent indentation on my wrist from larger watches and crowns over the years
thanks C! i quite like it too! the center seconds on a luminor took some warming up to over the years
i had some free time and its 80 degrees and sunny out so i snapped some pics of my new 29... (pics are much better when you click on em)
hesa crystal fir me no question. classic. and if you need it replaced its disgustingly cheap to do so. but it is just personal preference
love that explorer frills. makes me miss mine.
ill leave this space blank for a joke about stitch biting first ____________________________but yes. I'm surprised he wasn't first.
damn right. it takes a joo to know what a gentile needs
wasn't the first....wont be the last. When you know what gets you off...you keep coming back to it.
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