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the pump disconnects when you shower or swim etc. I also take it off when i work out. So, not at all actually. The hiccup i had, was that i didnt want to take a girl home and get to some love makin, and take my shirt off and have to explain what i was hooked up to. But im married now, so its not an issue.the CGM can be accurate, or it can be way off. you still have to test your BS 2x a day to calibrate. there can be some inaccuracies if you test immediately after a...
howd you find a pic of me in high school?
......dafuq? serious?!
damn. i just assumed it was a neverending flow of mnswr that would never go dry haha
The only thing that has helped me get my a1c to acceptable levels is the pump and CGM. There was such a dramatic and immediate difference the out of pocket was well worth it. My insurance covered 80% if i recall. My out of pocket for everything (plus a little over a years worth of supplies) was right at $6K.
^fairly certain CJ for Polo is tagged the us size... but CJ is tagged UK sizing. odd.
he definitely hangs out in casinos.... one time he was in vegas and ran into Wanye Newton...almost lost his shit.
those white guccis.... I had a pair wife's cousin eddie gave them to me.... said he noticed me looking at the pair he had the last time we visited and got em for me as a gift.
about the same size as don cheadle.
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