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thanks G!! huge compliment coming from you.
to be honest it WAS mine. but i had to have the sleeves shortened after i was elbow deep in....well....lets just say getting the sleeves shortened was needed.
fucking knew it. shit like that is dangerous son. I actually know the story behind that...originally it was owned by the guy who started Jordache Jeans. Just a warning...thats a SINGLE MAN coat. don't be bidding on that if you have a wife at home. No middle aged married guy with male pattern baldness and a Camry can own that coat. that coat can't and won't be tamed.
damn. that means it won't fit me. which sucks because i would look so sexy in that...girls would get pregnant just from me walking by
this needs to be sigged
congrats buddy!! i thought a little one would curb mine as well....it doesn't...but you find new ways of sneaking cops in. and hiding prices
clag, took me a minute, but i LOL'd
I've been paid all kinds of ways.
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