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cant go wrong with the 686.korth is making the new Nighthawk revolvers.... MSRP is hitting 3500. Whereas a new korth combat MSRP is around 8K. if i ever get disposable income...i know what my first purchase will be.
thats tough. when i got on the pump i gained 25lbs in NO time. Ive been dieting and excercising and keep my carbs to below 50-60 a day. awful because i love bread/pasta
^love the color on that suit murl
got my sozzi's over the weekend. Mah toes feel extra speshul today! thanks again spoo!
3.75 on the blue. ill update with widths. Sorry!!
Clearing out a bunch of ties that aren't getting much neck time anymore. All in great shape. Discounts for multiple buys! Get at me for haggles. Tie one of these sexy pieces of silk around your neck and witness your life change before your eyes. Women will want you and men will want to be you.Now, lets see some sexy silk.Up first.... a couple NWT Drakes for Carson ST Clothiers. GONEHere is 10 Borrelli Silk 7-Folds. $55 OBO never worn, just been in my drawer. 3.5"...
shit. cleav is here. there goes the neighborhood. also side not Cleav.... love the Temptations song in your sig. But i cant hear it without thinking of Dumb and Dumber.
this is the best thread on sf. just enough fuckery thrown in to remind me of the old DT days, and still keeping me visually appeased with killer menswear. All minus the assholes... (well except me of course)
-Until someone fucks it up by asking a relevant-to-the-thread-as-a whole-question. the fuck!
what the fuck song is that from??
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