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id kop just on that description alone.deets on the 97 rue des mimosas shirt??
this reminded me of my first...i was 4. it was a Pillsbury Doughboy figurine. id be willing to bet its in a box in my parents attic still.I remember how it was filthy...took it home and washed it up and looked brand new.
need to vent... for work, i oversee a very successful department. (which is just me) but this department of one person brings in more revenue than our entire outside sales team. I handle every facet of it, and it runs amazing. well my boss called me in yesterday and told me theyre going to close it, and divide it out to the account managers and have them handle it... and with that, ill transition to an account manager. Which sucks.. not what i want to do at all. Makes...
when the thirst for attolini is strong.... sometimes you get your homies to do some wicked shit to you.
in!! unfortunately the shoes are too small...but im in for some creed
thats a REALLY fucking cool collection to have. pics?
HAHA! if only.
that leather is great. had a watch strap made from it. i think i need the wallet too.
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