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hello! do you have a moment to talk about your lord and savior SpooPoker?
dude. my heart goes out to you.
haha!!!dude. you need iron hearts. WHen i was getting into denim, i thought they were dumb. but the details.... ive argued this fact to the death with some folks (ahem takai) and they even had to admit that theres no other maker thats beating iron heart. amazing denim, lined back pockets, hidden rivets, belt loops sewn into the waistband, inner detail on the fly, thick veg tanned leather patches, and the threads they use for stitching. Poly stitch on the legs and...
holy shit id be over at his house with cookies and wine trying to get 10 minutes to listen to him talk. thats just awesome.
dafuq. im in the wrong line of work.
ha. Guy that owns Barrett Firearms lives in my neighborhood. To say his home is out of place is an understatement. The neighboring homes are the same swuare footage as his garage.
let the bidding begin!
same dude that owns the sunglass place too right? go knock. livestream that shit.
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