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come to nashville. Every divorced professional making over 200K wears RG and bedazzled jeans to whatever bar is hot at the time. Out picking up 20 something girls to take out on their boat.
just sprezz.... lolz
quite true.
this. fuckin beasts!
that is REALLY cool.
ive been looking at this for a minute. Gah. absolutely love it.
oh im definitely in. Thats even closer for me...im 30-40 min east of nashville anyway. Name a day and ill be there!also, can confirm the thrifting there is absolutely terrible. Unless you like chaps and Haggar.
the MO is great. Nomos quality is great, but PERSONALLY i just dont like the way they look. im in the minority im sure, but they just look flat to me.
^^holy shit. was it full of tools?
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