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i really love this. the XV or XVI is on my short list...maybe the watch after my next purchase.
Im still around! My new role keeps me away from my computer unfortunately. Before i was sitting in front of it 8-10 hours a day so posting was a breeze. I miss hanging around.How'd that go? make any purchase? Next time you venture out to any of the shops shoot me a PM...id love to browse and grab some food
agreed. you can't wear them low. or you'll look like a schmuck.very much agreed.
3(I'm spoo's size as well)
i concur. i shall remedy this.
growing up, i always equated pleats to the hefty 90s double pleats on trous that were too billowy. My last suit came with single pleats and i was pleasantly surprised how they looked on me. flat front aren't uncomfortable at all, so i guess i just like the look with braces...a tad more elegant.
threat of rape over the internet regarding clothing? no. not weird at all.
HAHAHAHAHA. My wife said something similar about my single pleats. oh well. what can ya do? keep on keepin on.
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