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lymphedema might help. my great uncle had that and his feet got fat as fuck.
whatchu wear in AE?for reference... im an 11 in AE, 10 in Lobbs on the 7000 last, 10.5 in Gaziano Girling DG70Last, 10 in meermin Olfe, and 44 in vass F Last.
ha! they are real. and they will be summoned.....innerserkle.....
not always.
cant speak on the corum, but the cartier isnt legit. first thing i noticed is the rubber strap.... the sides arent clean cut at all.... I had a santos 100 and the straps are quite nice. The hands and subdials are wrong, as is the font on cartier. ON the caseback, the engraving looks a smidge too shallow. That being said, i dont know much about corum, but id assume it was fake based on the cartier.
ok motherfuckers. keep your goddamn hands and bids OFF THE OATMEAL PENTS. FOR FUCKS SAKE. If not, im not far from finding a voodoo doll and forcing demon moths to destroy your closets.And after the dozen or so bids i put in, i came out winning ONE thing. and its for my wife.
pants. derk needz pants.
a section? fuck that man. nearly 80% of my closet is stuff that ive gotten too fat for but still hopeful ill slim down.
had to make sure it left a mark? hahaha
someone caught me on video after i saw all the great shit going up and realizing i didnt have enough money to kop everything http://i.imgur.com/8NuNju5.gifv
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