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I dont have a huge problem with the shirt and jacket. I think whats gonna make or break the fit would be the trous. If they match the formality of the dressier sportcoat, i think youd be fine. Ive paired a gingham shirt with a navy SC many times. now, if youre wearing chinos, id probably ditch the jacket asap.*edit* I think the shirt sucks. sorry mang. no h8.
If people were open minded enough to realize and accept that there's a certain "SF approved" style, and were open to actually learning, the forum would be a much better place. I kinda feel a lot of newer people now come to post pics and show off their gq friendly fits.
]Not posting for an hour does not mean "I stopped posting". :poke:But seriously. Very well said.
HHAHA!!! CRUSTY!!! the fucking legend. Mucho love my man.you fucking fucktard.
been awhile since I've had some free time! hopefully i can get back to posting soon.Thanks N!
since I'm here.... Trusty old John Lobb Westminsters, Pantherella socks, Isaia Suit.
you'd be a lot better off being open to criticism and learning. But c'est la vie. thick-headed people who think they know everything is kinda the direction SF is heading....Enjoy your shoes and chinos!
Stick around the forum a few years and learn a thing or two. Then let's revisit this.
Sure they can be worn with chinos. Thy can also be worn with cutoff shorts or no pants at all. Doesn't mean they'll look good. I mean if you like em go for it. But this is SF where rules and formality are of the utmost importance.Tldr; put on some proper trousers with those. Ratty chinos aren't made for sleek lasts.
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