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maybe you could donate the time and or money for the software team to make the spoilers go away and have the people on your ignore list completely gone? then your free forum experience can reach the enjoyment and convenience level you seek. it would also resolve the "should i click or shouldnt i click" dilemma.
Well the closest I got was the time I gave your mom ATM. She's pretty mannish looking.
would you call that a self stripe? looks herringbone to me
HA! glad to be back!Its definitely how i feel about the day thanks for the kind words!
Long time no see....Monday Blues... Versasce, Borrelli, vanda, Lobb towcesters and too much hair product.
not yet. but thats my next kop. I have a POW tie, so i hesitated to buy when i first saw. Shouldve kopped immediately though.
that POW is fucking perfect. Definitely needs to be a staple piece.
and we expect you to improve.with all those buttons, its very Steve Harvey-esque.
He was born a female.
New Posts  All Forums: