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you REALLY need that DW man.
depends on the day. I will say that out of all the pistols ive carried, nothing conceals like a J Frame 38. I recently picked up a j frame 357 and love carrying that. its a BEAST to shoot, and i absolutely hate shooting it. But it will get the job done.
also, thought id share a family pic i snapped last night... Smith 586 Smith J frame Texas Hold em SE Smith Airweight pre-lock Smith J Frame Perf Centter WIley Clapp edition Smith J Frame 357 Colt Mark IV polished stainless Dan Wesson CCO Dan Wesson Guardian Colt WIley Clapp Commander Kimber raptor Pretty excited to get out in the morning tomorrow and put some rounds thru all of em.
Agree the versa max is a fantastic shotgun. But I think the Benelli IMHO is a much better pick. Those are some damn fine shotguns.
ITS IN THE CASE AND READY!!!I absolutely love the L frame. mine is a no dash from 1983.
i have a smith 586 (blued version of the 686) with a trigger job and i gotta say its one of my all time favorite pistols. One ill never get rid of.
very true. Im a pretty fuckin good shot with my AR, and i was invited out by Danie Defense for a private shooting event and got to shoot a full auto......needless to say....my ego was cut in half.
Noob, youre by far my favorite poster on B&S. I want to buy your shit just because the ads are spectacular.
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