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thats a hell of a kop.
and none of these are reasons I would go with brionifor MTM.1. i dont like the cut of brioni OTR2. id trust a lot of other folks to do a cut i like better3. that wouldnt be a brag for me.4. I asked mydad for a tie and he told me to eff off. lolz.my original post was meant that I (me, derks, me personally) wouldnt ever pick brioni for mtm.
i think this is the tldr from pB.
man, i think brioni would be the last place id go for MTM.
it would. but minimal effort puts forth minimal results.
nope. my personal recommendation....avoid them. They used to do great stuff when the workshop and mahcines were still in the showroom. Not anymore...quality is pretty meh too. They at least still do denim repair.Also, the ladies denim isnt selvedge.... has she tried the geisha fit from Samurai? Japan Blue does a REALLY nice slim skinny denim for ladies as well.
well, Ecru/cream shirts are supposed to be pretty nice too.
casual for a trip to the local vineyard. RL indigo ocbd, Imogene+Willie jawnz, Common Projects, and my fav audemars.
no. Heard this so often so I had them added to a custom esp I bought. It's been played a handful of times. I think it all depends on the style of music though. These would be perfect if I played in a white zombie coverband.
sometime in 1973-ish
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