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thanks....i think. that could be a compliment or a snark. ill take it both ways.
nah. just buy it for me and ill wear it and send fit pics to you every time i wear it. Think of it like sponsoring a child in africa...except I'm in nashville and ill be wearing Tom Ford.
the best club to be in IMHO.
sounds like my styyyyyyyyyyle
my man. ill completely admit to doing this on a rare occasion as well. I like it, and I'm sure that if i posted a pic here id be reamed. but guess what...i still look fuckin cool beleedat
i think the only thing I've ever put in my front pocket is my hand when i get bored.
you have back pockets and breast pockets mang! use em. if they're full and you HAVE to use your front pockets, get a briefcase. Nothing looks worse than lumps and lines from shit in your front pockets. doubt me? empty your pockets and take the pic again and do a side by side. You'll find I'm right. a man of my own heart.
empty your pockets.
fuckin killing it!!
HAHA! but crusty....
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