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Grasping at straws here...my wife is dying for a Red Label navy zippered tote....anyone have one or know where I could find one?
agreed....whos the maker PoP?
the old gibson acoustics have an incredible tone. new ones...meh.
thanks! and reg the rise of the pants....yes. that was a huge factor in me keeping this suit. much different than my standard.
erik is straight killin it.
SPOOOOOOOO DAT ETRO!!!! Classic my man. Also those corthays are fiya
I think it depends on the fabric. This sc is a really heavy cashmere/wool blend with quite a bit of texture. Add to that the patch pockets and I think it's a pretty safe odd jacket.
man it took me almost a year to finally break down and buy one. I REALLY like the navy...for the exact reason you stated. now I'm trying to figure a reason to buy the tan duffle.
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