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WAIT.I do have a couple kops i havent left feedback for. I WILL NOT BE OUTDONE.
^^LOVE that episode. THanks for posting the pic too.
thursdays having a day where im bored as hell too. Unfortunately, its the end of the month and i have a mountain of stuff to do, but instead of doing it, im doing about half of it and thinking up excuses to be late with the other half.all about balance.
dafuq? you on tokyo time son?
Shotguns in rifle bags? You ain't from the south are ya? Ha.
Sure wish those were iPad covers :/
cant go wrong with the 686.korth is making the new Nighthawk revolvers.... MSRP is hitting 3500. Whereas a new korth combat MSRP is around 8K. if i ever get disposable income...i know what my first purchase will be.
thats tough. when i got on the pump i gained 25lbs in NO time. Ive been dieting and excercising and keep my carbs to below 50-60 a day. awful because i love bread/pasta
^love the color on that suit murl
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