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wish me luck.... praying to the thrift gods today. Sneaking out of work early to hit up a couple places. *kitontomfordkitontomfordkitontomford*
TJ Maxx and Marshalls should have a shipment of pantherellas soon.
fuckin wes. you win. if this doesnt quickly become an SF meme....im ashamed of all of you.whenever i think i need some chanel for my wife, i think about all the other things i could buy for myself.
i have my paypal trigger finger at the ready.
SHIT! im a M, 15.5ish. VERY interested in sid or inis. i has monies to send you anytime.
ill keep my eyes out. if i happen to find one ill just send it to ya. i have a few that i keep in rotation right now so i dont really need one.
youre shit outta luck man. thats MY size. but i have plenty. Ill shoot you a PM if i come across anything. For the custom fit oxfords, youre a M. In the classic fit, prob a S.
what size are you? i come across them quite frequently.... usually the custom fit shirts... typically always pick them up. great casual shirts and fit me perfect. I typically leave them if they dont fit me, so if i come across some ill snag em for ya
New Posts  All Forums: