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SuitSupply sportcoat, Valentino light blue shirt, Drakes for LuxeSwap tie, and mcnairy 'fuck off' square
ahhhh that 190 is one i wish i would've bought.Ive been itching for a pre-V for years and passed on one and got my AP instead so I'm not able to fund a 201/A right now....so an A Series it is.
dat coat....cold blooooooded!!!! /rick james
its been a bit... kamakura, yellow hook, local tailor sc, polo ps.
I've owned a 113....great watch. I'm a huge panerai fran though. the 113 is a great summer watch...the white dial is quite nice. if this is your first or only panerai id advise getting a 112 or 111...the black dial is considerably more classic..with that being said i think i may be adding an A series panny in the next couple weeks.
Well, I've seen your fit. Maybe you should start giving a couple fucks.
haha. looking forward to round 2 sometime.
i did too when i heard him say it. then i got really uncomfortable. then the room started to spin, and i fell asleep. I think he put something in my drink to help me sleep. ....... But i tell you i mustve tossed and turned a lot because i woke up with my pants around my ankles.
yarly"Even in perverse death with his peenoos in his hand he still looked like a million bucks and managed to keep the Tom Ford stain free...so be sure to check LuxeSwap for your chance to own this designer leather at a fraction of retail"-DerekS' obit.
New Posts  All Forums: