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Nice to see you back PA!!!CONGRATS T!!!!
....... is that an argyle sock in your pocket?
Berluti whole cuts with a wingtip stitch and medallion toe made out of Venezia leather. Stunning shoes as you can see with a really great toe. Sole is marked as a size 9, but if you're unsure of Berluti sizing, they're 11 3/4" long and 4" wide. (approximately a US9) Tons of life left and will look amazing as the patina continues to develop. Asking Dropped to $350 shipped in the CONUS!!!!, or feel free to make me an offer. MSRP of $2,200
I'm trying to decide between a med travel bag and a med duffle. You have any pics of them side by side? Would be interested to hear your thoughts comparing the 2
this thread needs some pics...
well played stitch.
the mantra of my 30s.
i feel so fancy
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