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ive done this as well! also do this with shirts. if i ever lose a button on any shirt, ive pretty much got it covered unless its kiton.
moodfabrics.... let me find you a link.here ya gohttp://www.moodfabrics.com/buttons/blazer-coat/horn.htmlalso, etsy has some decent ones from time to time.
possibly me? i posted and listed a pair at BIN and they sold in like 20 min a week or so before the auctions started. I dont follow directions well and thought i had missed the cutoff.
dammit. 4th brooks tux shirt ive come across that looks perfect but doesnt fit haha.
If thats a 15.5 or 15.75, name your price and ill pay immediately. I need one for the end of the month.
ha! well, they do make the cali-friendly 10 round mags that will fit in it....
that is odd. off the top of my head i know theres at least one suit listed now.
my sex life?
has anyone had a chance to shoot the gen 2 Kel Tec sub 2k? Kinda think im gonna pick one of those up next. folds in half and fits in my briefcase.
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