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I had to pick up my kid from a dance studio yesterday... which happened to be less than a mile from the crash site.. I left work early to pick her up and i heard the jets overhead...was listening to music but could still hear the crash. had no idea until i got home. Sad news.
depends on the last. Im an 11US ... but on the lobb 7000 last, i wear a 10. 8000 im in between a 10 and a 10.5... for G&G im a 10.5 on most of their lasts.
impressive. i was surprised when i found out how many brands they own
shit. there it is. STP. thanks!
I worked for them actually when they owned zodiac. I didnt think they built a factory though...i thought they outsourced them.... its been years, but ill have to dig one up and open up the caseback. i THINK the movement was stamped with a maker. But like i said...its been YEARS. the ole brain aint what it used to be
zodiacs are surprisingly nice watches. the sea dragon reissue had a really nice movement in it. wish i could recall who the movement was by, but im drawing a blank. It was nice and hefty.
comment was tongue in cheek.
shit its thursday! i need someone reliable to send me an "its auction night!" reminder.
FANTASTIC readwill be nice to have a good vintage place here other than Gruhn.
nobody ever said you werent good at slinging goods. whens that going up?
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