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went golfing once with some friends back in college.. at the end of the day we came to the same conclusion as you.
you know me so well.
i think you just made @SpooPoker mess his pants.
I was trying to shop the ties once and there was 2 guys already there, so i was looking at belts. heard them talking and they were pulling a ton of ties. I was sure it was pipcked thru, until i hear one of them say "heres a geoffrey beene! if you see anymore grab em! those are 20 bucks"found 2 RLPL ties they left.
i dont know what 90% of those words mean when put together.
^ive gotten really selective on ties. On the rare occasion i look for one, its usually only by maker (vanda, drakes, or conrad) or material (cashmere, shantung, or grenadine)
^^welp. hope my kid likes getting nothing for her birthday. edit... hope my kid likes her daddy looking good for her birthday.
dicturesthat tooMANLY AS FUCK
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