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mid 80s DJ. On the lower end, Weiss and Stowa are really catching my eye for knock arounds.
memories!! before i moved to nashville (almost 20 years ago) i visited my family here and there was a peanut vendor in the Arcade. You could buy peanut cokes there.... holy shit that was a long time ago.
sounds like the inverse of the WAYWRN thread.AYO!!!!
i dont think they have any official ties to SF, but get enough members posting fits in "xyz" brand....youll see some revenue.
im a few hours away in nashville...but i sneak down quite often. Keep me posted ... would love to get some folks together.
i could be totally wrong, but in my experience, SF can REALLY make or break a brand. Back when Meermin wasnt shipping to the US and a few guys were posting pics of them, theyd pop up used on ebay for waaaay too close to retail.
love that green tie!
this. there for awhile, there was only 1 US retailer and the outlet was in the EU somewhere. SS was a SF darling and everyone wanted one...cheap pricepoint, great fit and details. Im sure it will dry up eventually and someone else will take their place.
not a fan of tag in the absolute least....but that date only doesnt look too bad at all.
in this course of action, would probably be best to have someone assist in drafting ONE letter to the family. Instead of exhausting the translator with letters from every one of us.
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