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you'd be a lot better off being open to criticism and learning. But c'est la vie. thick-headed people who think they know everything is kinda the direction SF is heading....Enjoy your shoes and chinos!
Stick around the forum a few years and learn a thing or two. Then let's revisit this.
Sure they can be worn with chinos. Thy can also be worn with cutoff shorts or no pants at all. Doesn't mean they'll look good. I mean if you like em go for it. But this is SF where rules and formality are of the utmost importance.Tldr; put on some proper trousers with those. Ratty chinos aren't made for sleek lasts.
If my hands werent full carrying around all my freedoms id slap you in the face for making a fat joke.
I've already cleared all the Kiton out. But I left some great Geoffrey Beene tops. But on a serious note, if you have some free time shoot me a PM and we can grab food/drinks and shop around.
Outta my playground!
Team 'Murica checking in...on a scale of 1 to america how free are you this weekend?Bonus B&W of me trying to look arty [[SPOILER]] brb. gonna go eat some apple pie and watch a baseball game while i clean all my guns.
dammit nick. i wanna be you when i grow up. superb on all counts...except the shitty photo quality
indeed! i really should've went with the navy based wool square i have..oh well. you live you learn.
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