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Love that ToG.
when tritium starts to break down, it turns a really nice yellow color...personally id never want those replaced. dat patina is secksay
I find myself wearing rubbers more often these days. (lulz)my panerais by far.
DAMMIT.ive worn louder. lulz
So here's my latest... out of all I've owned I've never really liked this one. I always leaned toward the historics...but when i saw it again recently, i was kinda smitten and really wanted to get one. fast forward a few months and my great wife made it happen for my 31st birthday and 1st fathers day.
I think id lose my shit if my doctor was that unprofessional. I guess thats the kind of care you get across the pond. This is actually a panerai i've never owned!some get it, some dont .... i do funny....the guy i bought my AP from is a close friend/watch collector...he was wearing that when i bought from him. I didnt think id like the broze at all..but i gotta say its a VERY stunning watch. He had a custom gator strap made for it with bronze stitching that was just...
picked up a new piece over the weekend for my birthday/fathers day gift. another panerai...pics soon!
^^Mimo...you should be grateful you lost your oakleys. Time to move on to adult sunglasses. :poke: and chrissakes....hope you're OK....thats a nasty gash.
there MAY have been more than a few days that i only saw one client...or none.
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