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ive owned and played countless guitars. both new, vintage, custom and mass produced. Still, my absolute favorite guitar that just felt right and got me my perfect tone was a $500 epiphone sheraton i picked up at a local shop. It was one that was done in a different factory, neck felt totally different, and tone was just fantastic. I guess they only made them for a year in that factory in korea. i personally liked that so much more than the old $28K strat my friend...
spot on. looks like a 3pc suit with a missing jacket.
yeah theyve really gone downhill.... they even offer "pre-whiskered and distressed" denim now. I remember when i first visited, Matt was laughing at how terrible pre-distressed denim was. welp. now hes selling them. cant hate, whatever makes them money.the sammis are REALLY cool, and selvedge. but the PBJs are probably cut a lot 'sexier' but not selvedge.
those look fantastic.Honestly maybe ive never tried the "roman shoulder..." every OTR brioni ive tried feels overly padded, and kinda old mannish (not int he way i like either)but ill be honest, no way would i ever pay MSRP for brioni OTR or MTM anyway. #poormanproblems
Is this a Long length? If so, youd benefit from a regular. Like others have said, the length looks too long to me. Otherwise spot on!!
thats a hell of a kop.
and none of these are reasons I would go with brionifor MTM.1. i dont like the cut of brioni OTR2. id trust a lot of other folks to do a cut i like better3. that wouldnt be a brag for me.4. I asked mydad for a tie and he told me to eff off. lolz.my original post was meant that I (me, derks, me personally) wouldnt ever pick brioni for mtm.
i think this is the tldr from pB.
man, i think brioni would be the last place id go for MTM.
it would. but minimal effort puts forth minimal results.
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