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only in public
IM IN!i know stitch is in too...he never turns down a reach around.
I gave the crust man a thumb but he promised to prod me after.....Thats what i love about SF...you give and you get!
get a 112.
fuck. so much in my size.
i wish i could be happy with what i have. i still love my AP more than any panerai I've owned but i think this next one will be a nice addition. already sent email to buy it.
you mean a lotta bit. I've missed having a panerai since i sold my 232. i hadn't been without one for years. its time
dat 103 you don't see many of those at all...quite a rare piece.....zenith movement correct?all these rads getting posted is making me hesitate on the A series luminor
get the 183 and don't look back. i love the radiomir design. I had the 231 before (same case in rose gold) and i LOVED that watch. IMHO much more fun than the 113.
New Posts  All Forums: