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and now your PMs are gonna be fuckin floooooooded
pretty comparable. good fabrics and MOP buttons on both. BBGF shirts are cut quite blousy though and canali tends to be a bit more trim.
one of my all time favorite cohen songs.
damn you guys are making me miss my explorer! such a great watch
why did this make me laugh? i feel terrible for laughing.
yeah you do dontcha
dude. this shit just keeps getting better. that casentino cream is taaaaasty
reg weight loss.... i had an old girlfriend that swore by the olde binge/purge method. kept her at a rail thin size 0 for the duration of our relationship. Cant have no fatties.
ha. ive had mine almost the same time. its such a pain in the ass it kills me. i have to feed one page at a time. Now i just try to do all my printing at work.
easy. garbage. buy an epson or a brother.
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