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there MAY have been more than a few days that i only saw one client...or none.
^^^wonder if we've crossed paths? thrifting eskimo brothers?
she's just mad at the lack of closet space i give her hahaha
L to R; Luciano Barbera patch pocket unlined SC in 44 Samuelsohn SC in 42 Corneliani rust SC in 46 Burberry made in USA SC in 42 Zegna 15milmil15 in 42 another zegna 15 milmil15 in 42
thanks! theres a ton i kept for myself...few gator belts, ties, SCs, shirts....so much that my wife is starting to get pissed.
HAHA. god speed!
checking in.... started doing some thrifting while between client visits at work....heres a few shirts I've picked up... and these are just about half of em....not in my size..all available. ill post the sport coats and suits in a few
I wanna be Nikki P when i grow up.
butch will squeeze cock and balls into anything.
you really wanna know whats in the box?
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