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oh my. so, see that amp behind gene oneal? thats my dads. not one like it.... his exact amp. My grandfather knew those guys, and my dad was a young kid and had been playing steel for a few years. Gene was at their house, and my dad was star struck and went nuts. I cant recall what kind of amp gene had, but my dad traded him..... and gene played it for quite some time.Man, thanks for posting this. great old tune.
oops. figured day/night indicator hahahaha
ah... i have one of those in my office. we call it a window.
i know a few guys..... more money than sense. guy i know bought a LE hublot for around 45K. some black with red watch.... the next year, the rep contacts him about the new LE...thats the exact same watch, only red with black. And he ends up dropping another 45K on it. still has them both too.hell, id be embarrassed buying a plain jane hublot let alone one of those.
well, last time it was 3 cheesesteaks? LETS GO DEEPER.
nerd out on watches over donuts and a pastrami sammich???
id make that trip.Im tempted to make the trip this weekend just to see the new watch before you change your mind and return it.
i remember one time i got invited to an apartment and when her husband came home i had to hide in her closet!CLOSE RIGHT??
Bring it to nashville and lets go shoot! ill bring a few Dan Wessons too. id love to get a bunch of people together with 1911s.... have a chance to shoot a dozen or so at the same time.
i actually really like that spartan series finish... not crazy about sig 1911s though. thanks man! yeah, 9mmjust 9mm. Im TRYING to keep as few calibers as possible becuase im cheap with ammo costs.
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