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it was actually taking a nap. snuck up on it to take the pic. hahaShot right thru the breadbasket...dropped her immediately.Speaking of blood, while cleaning her, i got a lot of blood on my pants...and it washed out fine. Surprised me!
^^FUUUUUUUUCK! looks awesome
you spelled anal wrong.
how do we feel about other large birds? possibly my african grey? or maybe a cockatiel?
fuck the naysayers....IMHO it was one of the best fits in the past few weeks. well done.
surfing redtube?
thanks babii!! twas a gift from a dear friend.
been a minute .... howdy fellas Borrelli/Finamore/Drakes/Sam Hober
checking in with a nearly full LS fit...minus the Hober tie.... Borrelli navy cord SC Drakes square Finamore shirt Thanks spoodle!
Because Edina has that crown every year just for breathing. Conne will always and forever be his close second though.
New Posts  All Forums: