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i knew this one guy who liked to pop his cherry on his sisters garments..... ill introduce the two of youz.
its a wasted charge.
whoa cowboy.... your nose is bleeding.
i was drooling over all the SCs and then saw dat RRL tan jacket. ouch. i need.
welcome! the trews look great.
agreed. One thing ive found is you can never have enough light blue shirts in different shades of light blue.
the truth has been spoken here.
ive been posting on SF for 6 solid years, and youre JUST NOW realizing this?
agreed 100%. i have no problem wearing flannel trews year round. and it gets hot and humid as hell here in the souff.
yeah! its really close to me... we try to drop out whenever i have some free time. Next time you go shoot me a PM!
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