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well, when im hopping around rooftops in Tom Ford i typically carry my dan wesson guardian. but its hard to beat my daniel AR with the geisele 2 stage trigger.
i have quite a few 1911s...colts, wilson, DW, springfield.... depending on your budget, Im VERY happy with my dan wessons. I shoot htem better and like them more than my wilson.
holy shit congrats man. thats a damn fine jacket.
this is defo a fact. When i first had contact with Z, he gave me the best advice ive ever gotten. And still, the letter hangs in my office. Finally got to meet him htis year, and the dude is one of the best.Spoo, VERY happy for you guys. Hopefully this means you'll be able to slow down a bit, get some sleep, and get some much needd relaxation.
this sums up my half decade long tenure here.
it was early and im tired. too lazy to be creative. suggestions? (SHUGgestions??)
lapo calls spoo to consign his old shit. spoo tells him he'll call him later. he's busy.
Spoo buys out chrysler building. renames LuxeSwap Tower and uses it to store consignment boxes.
He's back! looking good louis!
"from what i hear" .... come on shugs. dont act like you dont still have that video saved. It was worth every penny you paid me for it.
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