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nice!! i picked up an STI recently as well. gotta say its pretty fantastic.
a white french cuff shirt is without a doubt probably the worst (besides maybe a tux shirt) to put with this fit....
was actually gonna ask who made the pants. those are by far the standout of the fit.
this thread would be much better with more folks like you.also, something i learned after joining SF, that has helped me immensely.... once im dressed, take away ONE accessory, or swap one pattern for a solid. Outside of fit, i think thats pretty solid advice.
i could be wrong on that. the new one i saw has a very similar SN as yours, and the new ones dont have that brass button. I recalled reading on ebay 'how to spot fake LVs' and the brass button was mentioned as being a giveaway on fakes. But, i looked around and saw some older ones on ebay with the brass button.tldr; i have no idea what im talking about.
^^Had a fantastic time moss!!!
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