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Haven't been out in a bit. Got some stuff for myself and grabbed these too
^this ones my favorite hahaha
those heels look pretty fucked my man. But if you only spent a couple bucks on em and they fill a need.... good for ya!
i think one of my favorite riffs to play is either funk 49 or grown so ugly. I think I play one or both of those every time i grab a new guitar.
i have a few from the 90s... and a gently used Cindy Crawford edition.....no promise on the pages being unstained though. That SPREZZ.
this thread has posts ranging from Borrelli jackets to nudie mags and wife swapping.
^intro to Stairway
^no idea, but id leave them. looks way too trashed IMHO
damn. im not a huge fan of AEs, but that is a VERY cool color.
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