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oh im definitely in. Thats even closer for me...im 30-40 min east of nashville anyway. Name a day and ill be there!also, can confirm the thrifting there is absolutely terrible. Unless you like chaps and Haggar.
the MO is great. Nomos quality is great, but PERSONALLY i just dont like the way they look. im in the minority im sure, but they just look flat to me.
^^holy shit. was it full of tools?
thats good to hear. i need to start digging a bit deeper. thats such a fantastic watch.
can you get one at that price? The mark xv or xvi is on my short list. Honestly 99% sure thats my next purchase. But ive only found em around 3-3500.
mid 80s DJ. On the lower end, Weiss and Stowa are really catching my eye for knock arounds.
memories!! before i moved to nashville (almost 20 years ago) i visited my family here and there was a peanut vendor in the Arcade. You could buy peanut cokes there.... holy shit that was a long time ago.
sounds like the inverse of the WAYWRN thread.AYO!!!!
i dont think they have any official ties to SF, but get enough members posting fits in "xyz" brand....youll see some revenue.
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