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i was looking for a parlor guitar last week..... having a hard time finding a cheap one that sounds decent. Thanks for the tip!!
what is this "what if" fam?
i was gonna say... why not just title it what it is? "that sexy thing DerekS wore for me at the waldorf that night"
^ho-lee-shit. great work man.
isnt that terrible?? $4k gun with $20 grips. like putting a patek on a NATO strap haha.
also, this just came in.... Korth for Nighthawk .357..... gotta say i love this thing
not kai, but i carry every day, everywhere i go. right now theres a 357 j frame in my briefcase, a 38 in my car, and a NAA 22 mag pug in my sportcoat pocket. when i go out tonight for dinner, ill probably have either a 1911 in an IWB holster, or maybe a wheel gun on a shoulder rig under a coat.also, surprisingly, those holsters are very comfortable. sleek and thin. keeping the belt clips off the holster spread the weight and keep the thickness to a minimum.
I'm sure eventually ill stop being a cheap bastard and get it taken care of. after shooting an SBR Daniel compared to my full length daniel ar.... its really night and v11 feels so cumbersome.wish i were closer! those 3 gun matches look like so much fun
........damn you. damn you to hell.
that sucks. good thing we have spoo to try on so we know how they fit.
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