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If my hands werent full carrying around all my freedoms id slap you in the face for making a fat joke.
I've already cleared all the Kiton out. But I left some great Geoffrey Beene tops. But on a serious note, if you have some free time shoot me a PM and we can grab food/drinks and shop around.
Outta my playground!
Team 'Murica checking in...on a scale of 1 to america how free are you this weekend?Bonus B&W of me trying to look arty [[SPOILER]] brb. gonna go eat some apple pie and watch a baseball game while i clean all my guns.
dammit nick. i wanna be you when i grow up. superb on all counts...except the shitty photo quality
indeed! i really should've went with the navy based wool square i have..oh well. you live you learn.
LOVE that suit. but IMHO a vest would work better with a sport coat. ditch the vest and that fit is slick.
very kind words. thanks FM!
New Posts  All Forums: