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shit. cleav is here. there goes the neighborhood. also side not Cleav.... love the Temptations song in your sig. But i cant hear it without thinking of Dumb and Dumber.
this is the best thread on sf. just enough fuckery thrown in to remind me of the old DT days, and still keeping me visually appeased with killer menswear. All minus the assholes... (well except me of course)
-Until someone fucks it up by asking a relevant-to-the-thread-as-a whole-question. the fuck!
what the fuck song is that from??
HA!!you had to find the buried treasure, so kiton you had to measure. However living better know 'cuci sweater now ..
is all that spoo knows
damn, wonder how quick these will be gone? my guess is by the afternoon.
^fuck yeah. cant wait for mine!
the pump disconnects when you shower or swim etc. I also take it off when i work out. So, not at all actually. The hiccup i had, was that i didnt want to take a girl home and get to some love makin, and take my shirt off and have to explain what i was hooked up to. But im married now, so its not an issue.the CGM can be accurate, or it can be way off. you still have to test your BS 2x a day to calibrate. there can be some inaccuracies if you test immediately after a...
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