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sup fools RLPL, borrelli, rubinacci, MG.
im never too old for an ass eating joke:slayer:
thanks cleav!!thanks buddy!! i finally got off my lazy ass and washed the cheetos residue from my face and put pants on.
its been a minute. Some Capelli/Kiton
nah. just the washed out sunlight pic.
i never noticed how the font on SF makes a K look a whole lot like an L. i completely misread this. Thought ive been doing it wrong my entire life.
like it all minus the shoes. dem be some pointy motherfuckers.
coat is nice, but its ruined by the pants.
agreed. for me it seems i cant find a trigger i like as well as the Geissele i have on my AR. So i think what ill do is get a SBR upper in 300 and put it on my lower.
ive yet to shoot any bullpup that i enjoyed. just not my cup o tea.
New Posts  All Forums: