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im starting to remember why this is thebest thread on SF.
YOU get me shugs. :brohug:
see you in manhattan.send bill to "luxeswap inc, attn: entertainment division"
agreed. I wouldnt turn down a thin 40mm, but a 36-38 fits perfectly under the cuff and is elegangt as can be.
dude. last time i was in NY, about 30 minutes before i went to Daniel for what would be literally the best meal ive ever had in my life...I ate 4 slices of greasy pizza and a diet coke. BIG MACS ARE GOOD EATS MANG.call it what you want. but youve never lived until youve had a big mac and champagne with a few hookers at the waldorf.
touche clags. that is a very safe assumption to make. I typically am pantless.
hey. at least they fit well.
36mm isnt a bad size at all for a dress watch. If you prefer the 38mm, and are just looking at the mini because its available or the price is lower...pass.
those ovadia ties look niiiiiiiiice spoodles.
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