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in!! unfortunately the shoes are too small...but im in for some creed
thats a REALLY fucking cool collection to have. pics?
HAHA! if only.
that leather is great. had a watch strap made from it. i think i need the wallet too.
congrats to him! I promised myself i wouldnt go over 60. I shouldve. :/ok ok.... WHATS NEXT?!
i dont know why they call it Hamburger Helper...does just fine on its own!
i like the way you think. Wanna bid $70?
you tell mr anono-moose that he just took food out of my toddlers belly. Any mroe money i have to pay when i bid is taking food off the dinner table for my growing child. Hope you bidders can live with that knowledge.
ahh the original SpooPose(tm). Often copied, never matched.
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