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which is still bullshit. But alas, arguing with a brit on firearms is like talking about pussy with Liberace.
sure thing buddy. YOURE definitely right. but going back to YOUR original point that getting into guns is cheaper than getting into bespoke shoes.... youre wrong. flat out. It would be pretty difficult to spend 6 figures on a single pair of shoes, but pretty easy on a Purdy shotgun. We can argue semantics all day and dig in deeper, but all of my points have been in response to your original post that guns were cheaper than shoes.
well hand fitting and match grade barrels and specifications like customized length of pull actually DO make them better at shooting. Thats why you can buy a decent rifle with a Sub MOA accuracy guarantee of 3 shots, or pay twice as much for one with a 5 shot sub moa guarantee. Im not talking fancy grips or panda nipples. Just like proper fit of a shoe will be better than an off the rack...a shotgun with a proper length of pull made for YOU will swing and shoot better...
still wrong. Keep in mind you can have custom made bespoke shotguns....all hand made and hand fitted. nothign special...just steel and wood. no panda nipples at all. but theyll go for the price of a car.
well, not in the least. When comparing the quality level and price difference of bespoke english shoes vs. standard mens shoes .... and tehn comparing a standard mass production pistol/rifle/shotgun vs a custom..... theres a HUGE difference.for example... a couple months back i saw 2 people buy a 1911. one was just at $700, the other was $15,000. YOUR ARGUMENT IS NULL AND INVALID MIMO!! :poke:
haha! well....its available.
how ya liking hte eotech? i had an aimpoint pro first and went with an eotech because i wantedthe magnifier and red dot....but i quickly realized the magnifier was pointless for my use and took it off. been sitting in the safe ever since.
sure thing...ill snaps some pics when i get home. Its a fuckin great rifle. Ive yet to shoot one i like nearly as much. Took it out 200 yards is all so far.I should probably just build another lower for the SBR. just hate to spend the cash on another geisele trigger and stock.
its a money pit. haha. Heres the issues im dealing with... I want to just get a daniel def SBR upper, and put it on my lower. Just switch the uppers back and forth. But by doing so, my lower will have to be engraved, registered, etc. Now, im certain nothing is ever going to happen where the AR paltform will be illegal, BUT, i dont like having my only lower registered and on record. Call me crazy, just dont like it. So the other option im looking at.... theres a...
its a daniel defense V11...15" key mod rail. geisele trigger, magpul ACS stock, eotech red dot, surefire scout with pressure switch, blueforce larry vickers sling, and an angled foregrip.starting to think about a SBR in 300 with a can. Got my trust set up so paperwork should be a ton easier.
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