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too much white?
would these work?
Simple pinterested casual outfit, picture sans shoes. what would you guys do?
I came across these at a Nordstrom Rack, they looked great. Couldn't find anything on styleforum about either of these though. Thoughts? UGG® Australia 'Kaldwell' Chukka Boot UGG Leighton I'm in the market for a good chukka boot in this price range, so any suggestions would be great -J
need to pickup a few chino shorts in various colors, wondering where to go (gonna be hitting the orlando premium outlets, so jcrew/brooks/etc) thanks!
looking for some good shoes
how are sebagos/lacoste ?
Looking for quality boat shoes <100$, so Quoddys are out of the question I guess... are there any brands superior to Sperry that SF favors? thanks
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