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Crocket and Jones Skye just arrived. They are doing more burnishing on their bench-grade shoes than before. This pair's is about to C & J's hand grade level.
And what a "medallion"! http://www.altanbottier.com/PhotoAlb...hoto%20024.jpg
I like the tan ones on the right. My father used to wear shoes like that, but I don't remember the brands he wore. It's one reason I tend to prefer boots over shoes.
Maybe so, but I'd like to decide that after feeling the E. I had what felt like about 1/2" heel slippage even after a snug lacing-up. This could be because of the stiffness of the double leather sole. But it could also indicate a shorter and wider shoe would be a better fit. The Shannon is the one I'm looking for most avidly. Unfortunately, the staff at JK weren't able to provide any advice about what last the Shannon has, or to educate me on the fit to expect. ...
Thanks everyone. I went to Jay Kos 58th St and tried a 202 last. Unfortunately they didn't have any E widths in stock. But the too-narrow D was nevertheless a propitious start. It didn't pinch or bind in any one spot. Makes me hopeful about the E. Then I'd be ready to order. Thanks for the London Lounge thread ref! --Greg
I'd like to try some of their boots. Anyplace in NYC?
Thanks guys. I'm gonna wait a while, then use the Saint-Crispins method, then use wax only if anything. Will let you know if it helps!
I'd call it antiquing too if it the effect weren't so monotone around all parts of the shoe :-). The color if I continued would end up in quite an undistinguished brown. It's not that bad yet, but I have definitely stopped applying anything to the surface.
I applied several coats of neutral Meltionian to my Crockett and Jones Cliffords. They are now darker than in this pic, which was taken brand new out of the box. Can I get them lighter again without drying out the leather? Thanks!
Christofuh - I especially like the herringbone background!
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